Creativity and Life Purpose Coaching

Mixed Media Collage by Shelley Klammer
Mixed Media Collage by Shelley Klammer

Living an Inspired Life


"When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds; your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world.

Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be." 




Solution Focused Coaching Speeds up Emotional and Psychological Growth


Our life purpose always involves bringing our unique way of loving and caring into the world. When we have an idea of the greater purpose of what we want to give and share, whether it will becomes our primary career or not, we become more motivated to grow and transcend the emotional blocks that have kept us stuck for decades. 


Current resources and future visions helps to heal past pain. Most of our psychological, emotional and physical problems arise when we ignore and distract away how from how we are meant to grow and give to life. Growing forward often involves the challenge of developing new strengths that may greatly differ from what we have been conditioned to believe about our capacities.


Each one of us has a psychological structure that is both afraid its purpose and longs for it at the same time. Most often our unique positive purposes are hidden within our emotional problems and our current life struggles. As we heal our emotional and psychological challenges, we find out what we are specifically meant to contribute to life.


"Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny. We each have something to fulfill, some message to be delivered, some work to be completed. You are not here accidentally. You are here meaningfully. There is a purpose behind you. The Whole intends to do something through you."




Birthing a Creative Vision For Your Life


Most of us become caught up in our practical lives and miss the signs and signals of life calling us to change. Our habitual selves prefer to stay the same  and it is easy in our busy world, to obscure who we are at a deeper level. Many challenging feelings and fears come up as we move towards who we are meant to become. If we choose to individualize and actualize our true path we embark on the archetypal Hero's Journey to become our true selves - even if we feel a lack of support from family and society. 


When we "self-help" and try to progress alone it is often challenging to see our emotional and psychological patterns clearly. Our deeper minds prefer to organize around a higher purpose or a greater commitment, and a monthly committed coaching duration offers regular monthly check-ins to support and inspire your transformational process. I offer a 9 month regular coaching duration of committed, transformational phone or Skype connection to help birth you into a more inspired life.


Even if your desires and goals presently feel unattainable, with my committed support, and your committed passion and enthusiasm, you will be able to "make a way" and give your life a passionate structure that will begin to break though your stagnancy and inertia. You will be encouraged in your 9 month coaching program to explore what is holding you back from forward-growth, and be supported to understand what gifts and talents your emotional blocks are hiding.


Support for Your Creative Journey


The focus of life purpose/creativity coaching is to discover what makes your life feel profoundly meaningful so that you can function in your practical life with passion, purpose and inspiration. Session time will focus on supporting you to resolve the contrary motivations and emotional blocks that stand in the way of actualizing your purposeful, passionate, creative vision in the real world. 


I typically work with artists, "creatives types", and therapists of all kinds, such as creativity coaches, spiritual teachers, and innovative business professionals in their field, to support, deepen and clarify life, creative, and work direction. Together we will clarify the confused emotional and psychological structures that hold you back. As you shed your emotional burdens through creative homework and insightful feedback during session time, it will become easier to take more continuous action towards your most meaningful goals and creative visions.


Life Purpose Coaching provides support and guidance on how to bring your goals and creative into reality. Coaching includes action-step based creative practices and focused creative homework each month that supports bring your higher dreams and visions into life. Coaching supports you to be your best self, create and vision your own goals, and move towards what you want in the real world, instead of continuing to create what you do not want in your daily life.

Explore Your Inspiration

 Dissolving Blocks and Inertia


Life Purpose Coaching focuses on helping you make consistent, positive changes towards a meaningful life in a series of 9 monthly transformative phone conversations. Coaching encourages you to heal forward by bringing more of your higher self purpose and qualities into your daily life.  You will be supported to identify your goals, and make a progressive series of choices towards your cherished values and life visions in insightful, intuitive, and practical ways. 


Coaching involves a regular pre-scheduled one hour phone session once a month, and personalized daily and monthly homework to help you clarify your higher goals and purposes for a committed 9 month duration. If you are hesitant about a 9 month coaching commitment I invite you to explore the parameters of successful coaching with me in a free 30 minute consult to see if a depth of committed connection to support your needed changes feels meaningful for you at this time.


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"During one of our first sessions, I remember telling you that I was just feeling lost - not like myself at all - that I had lost my sparkle. The uncertainty of all of the changes that I have been going through had really rocked my perception of myself and the world around me. I am happy to say that I feel like I do have my sparkle back and I am much more comfortable in this incredible world of uncertainty. I realize that I am a work in progress and I am so grateful to have had an opportunity to share a little of this work with you. You have been such a blessing in my life. Thank you."


~ F.M


"I was very troubled and not feeling well. I feel it is very important for me to look back and revisit my notes from our visits in order to better understand what the combination of factors were for my unhappiness so I can best avoid repeating the state I was in. 


I've also learned that I shine when I am creatively engaged. It's my best medicine and should always be my medication of choice going forward. The connection to healing and expressing through art has truly been a lifesaver for me and gives me the peace of knowing that I have the tools, ability, and support to be my best and intended creative self. Thus, a life fully lived! Thank you!"


J.O .