Art Journal Therapy Activity # 4 - Draw and Collage Your Inner Critic

Collaged Drawing by Shelley Klammer
Collaged Drawing by Shelley Klammer


This art journal exercise will support you to examine how your inner ways of hurting yourself correlates with the unreasonable fear of outer criticism.




- Art journal


- Felt markers and pencil crayons


- Magazines to cut up, glue stick, scissors




The Fear of "Not Good Enough"


We criticize ourselves in ways that we fear others will criticize us, and most often we are defending ourselves unnecessarily.


When we limit our thinking to repetitive self-critical thoughts, our thinking will stay immature and fearful, we leave no room for the growth of love, creativity, and inspiration. And, while we may need to defend ourselves from harsh outer criticism once in a while, when we keep ourselves in a vigilant self-critical state, we harm ourselves with unnecessary stress. When we learn how to soften our defense system, and stop protecting when there is no need to do so, we can relax and heal our inner critic...