Art Journal Therapy Activity #16 - Intuitive Doodling

Intuitive Doodle by Shelley Klammer
Intuitive Doodle by Shelley Klammer

This art journal exercise will support you find your unique drawing style in order to allow a release of emotional "pressure" from within.




- Ballpoint pen


- Felt Pens


- Journal Page




 I learned how to draw from being bored in school. I would doodle on the margins of my paper.


~ Kevin Nealon


Intuitive drawing offers a way to make the unconscious - conscious. Many of us doodle randomly and aimlessly when we are bored, when on the telephone, in school, or in a meeting - and yet the act of doodling can be done as an intentional self-expression practice everyday. Intuitive doodling only asks only for a simple ballpoint pen and some colored markers. Doodle when you want to visually strengthen your intuitive connection to yourself....