Expressive Art Activity #20 - Fabric Assemblage

Fabric Assemblage by Shelley Klammer
Fabric Assemblage by Shelley Klammer


Meditational sewing invites you to attend to small, detailed, spontaneous tasks to "narrow your focus" for inner calm.





- Fabric scraps


- Ribbon, cord, wire and string


- Small ephemera such as feathers, buttons, beads and small objects


- Pinking shears, scissors


- White glue


- Needle and thread






Creating a Fabric Assemblage for Relaxation


In our frenzied modern life, it is rare that we take the time to spend a few quiet hours to sew, and play with color, pattern and texture with no pre-designed end-product in mind. Focusing on a simple, spontaneous fabric assemblage can invite relaxed mental awareness, and the emotional comfort of working with soft, tactile materials...