Art Journal Therapy Activity # 28 - Draw Your Spiritual Essence

Drawing by Shelley Klammer
Drawing by Shelley Klammer

This expressive art journal activity invites you to meditate into and draw how your soul needs to develop.



- Ballpoint pen or waterproof fine marker


- Watercolor paint


- Art journal




What Does your Unique Spiritual Strength Feel Like?


“Bring your Essence Self into your present expression. Aliveness is derived from essence."  


~  Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner


It is easy to forget who we are in our spiritual essence, and to be out of touch with who we came to develop in our lifetime. We are born into a world where people live primarily from their limited egos, and only develop the aspects of self needed to survive practically. For this reason, many of us shut down our spiritual essence early, in order to fit into our family of origin, and to belong to the society and culture that we live in...