Art Journal Therapy Activity # 38 - Color Body Mapping

This art journal prompt will support you to offer kind attention to where you feel sore in your body, and to heal the split between your thinking and feeling nature.




- Watercolor, tempura, or acrylic paint, or colored pencils and markers


- Watercolor paper or journal page





Bodily Truth vs. Outward Appearances


Our bodies symptomatically mirror what we are thinking about. And, most of us think way more than we feel. To become exquisitely aware of our body is to become aware of our intuitive nature. Yet, we most often ignore our bodies until they hurt. 


Most of us spend most of our lives with our attention directed towards the outer world and away from our bodily feelings. But, as much as we try to ignore all that is uncomfortable deep down inside, our body faithfully and accurately records and express all of our thoughts somatically...