Art Journal Therapy Activity # 44 - Map of Consciousness Collage

Mixed Media Collage by Shelley Klammer
Mixed Media Collage by Shelley Klammer

This collage exercise will support you to discover your inner relationships, and identify the different parts of your psyche that are in conflict.




- Collage papers, old magazines


- Pastels, markers


- Journal page or card stock





Symbolizing Your Current State of Mind


Most of us experience inner conflict as a feeling of unnameable free-floating anxiety. In a single day, we can feel conflicted in our consciousness in several different ways, and not even realize that it is the root of our anxiety.


Because different hurting aspects of ourselves can take the leading seat in our consciousness throughout the day, it is helpful to explore our sub-personality dynamics by mapping them out visually with spontaneous collage and drawing.


Inner Conflict Resolution


Sorting ourselves out on the inside can be a confusing task at first. Inner conflict arises initially as anxiety, and often, without the aid of visual imagery, it can be difficult to identify what our inner struggles are about...