Art Journal Therapy Activity # 50 - Unburdening Past Pain

Collage by Shelley Klammer
Collage by Shelley Klammer

This expressive exercise will support you to release emotional pain out of your body.




- Old magazines, scissors, glue stick


- Pen and Journal





Clearing Emotional Burdens to Make Way for a New Life


"We are not unified. We often feel that we are, because we do not have many bodies and many limbs, and because one hand does not fight with the other.  


But, metaphorically that is exactly what does happen within us. Several sub-personalities are continually scuffing with each other; impulses, desires, principles, aspirations are engaged in an unceasing struggle."


- Susan Bello


Our entire psychology is built on defending away from emotional pain. Some parts of our psyches defend against feeling unprocessed emotional hurt. These defensive parts of self live stuck in the past, and they have fears about moving out of our "safety" zones of emotional "comfort" and into new growth.  


Growth always means a facing an old loss and starting again - fresh, innocent and ready to give to life. Our core conflict in life is essentially whether we will stay withdrawn in the emotional conditioning of our past, or move forward to extend into who we are meant to become...