Art Journal Therapy Activity # 53 - Exploring Inner Conflict Through Storytelling

Collage by Shelley Klammer
Collage by Shelley Klammer


This expressive journal exercise will support you to find the the still, silent "middle point" of your inner conflict. Only by being present for our ambiguity do we open up to a "third" possibility that we likely have not considered before.




- Journal and a pen




"Ambiguity has a destabilizing effect.


Very few have the courage or the strength to hold the tension between opposites until a completely new standpoint emerges.


This is because in acknowledging contradictory truths, one has to create an inner equilibrium to keep from being torn in two."


- Aldo Corotenuto


Mixed feelings can be exhausting. Because our psyche functions in pairs of opposites, it is no surprise that we tend to get caught in inner conflict and polarization much of the time. When we are struggling with an inner conflict, we cannot move forward when both sides have strong viewpoints that do not want to waver.


Sitting in the middle of an inner conflict, and listening to both sides equally reveals new creative solutions. This writing/speaking/storytelling exercise offers a way to hold opposing parts of your consciousness in your awareness at the same time, to see what new options arise...