Art Journal Therapy Activity # 58 - Create a Higher Intention Journal

Collage by Shelley Klammer
Collage by Shelley Klammer

This exercise will support you to set higher intentions and help you to identify your conflicting "lower intentions." This prompt includes six steps to creating effective higher intentions.




- A dedicated intention journal 


- Pen and assorted art supplies





Deliberate Creation


"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step," says a well known Chinese proverb. Nowhere is that statement more pertinent than in our urge to transform our consciousness. Despite grand schemes and noble ideas, transformation boils down to how we use the sixty-five thousand seconds that make up the average working day.


We know how difficult it is to break a habit that commits us to a negative pattern of behavior once it is acquired. What may not be so obvious is the ease with which good habits also gain momentum and perpetuate themselves. The same habit forming consciousness that commits us to destructive behavior routines also allows us to cultivate constructive behaviors."


-F. Aster Barnwell


Setting Firm and Constant Intentions


We each have great freedom to use the power of our minds to choose our own thoughts. Yet, most often we live in habitual ways, even if they are not life-affirming because they seem to feel "natural, familiar, and safe." The word intention in Latin means "to stretch towards." Forming intentions is a spiritual practice that helps us to clarify which higher qualities of being we are stretching toward, yearning for, and longing to grow into. 


We would permanently live in a higher, happier state if all parts of ourselves were aligned towards the same higher intention. But, we each have many parts of self that have contrasting goals and ideas for our happiness. So, intention setting also becomes a practice in healing all of our unconscious "counter-intentions" so that all parts of ourselves can align toward one higher goal...