Art Journal Therapy Activity # 61 - The Art of Setting Boundaries

Watercolor Painting by Shelley Klammer
Watercolor Painting by Shelley Klammer

This in-depth painting and journaling exercise will support you to give to others from inspiration instead of sacrifice, and to set healthy boundaries even when it upsets other people's ego expectations.




- Journal and Pen


- Watercolor paints, brushes, water




"For millennia, we women have been taught to be energetically open to the world, to be personal and accepting. We have been trained to move through life with an open energy field, to blend with the people in our lives who are important to us.


Everyone "knows" that it is feminine to be receptive and available, to be able to interact smoothly and pleasantly with other people and to blend our energies with theirs."  


- Sidra Stone



A Period of Independent Self-Reflection 


Because women are not supported to keep other people's energies out, our self-actualizing journey involves getting to know our personal energy clearly so that we know what feels right and what does not. As we separate from our feminine societal conditioning of always having to remain soft and accommodating, we can learn how express our "yes's and no's" without guilt.


This self-definition requires a period of independent self-exploration, free from outside pressures to conform to others expectations. Once we learn how to set our own boundaries, we can deepen our relationships authentically - or not. Authentic connection is not fusion, care-taking, co-dependency, or confusion about where we end and others begin.