Art Journal Therapy Activity # 62 - Healing Grief with Expressive Drawing

Drawing by Shelley Klammer
Drawing by Shelley Klammer

This expressive drawing exercise will support you to understand where you are not learning the life lessons inherent in your losses, and will show you how to find the wisdom to heal. 




- Art journal


- Black marker, ballpoint pen, felt pens, pencil crayons, pastels





Finding New Life in Loss


When we are grieving, we can "cathart" sadness, only to have it return, and cycle back again and again. When grief cycles without end, we can know that we are not seeing and learning the life lessons inherent in our losses.


Expressing our emotions helps to release grief but it does it not always heal the beliefs that feed into grief. Life affirming decisions about how to grow, like any other time in life, need to be made amidst feelings of grief. When we experience loss, some new life direction must eventually take the place of the feelings of loss and devastation...