Art Journal Therapy Activity # 63 - Exploring Age Regression

Collage by Shelley Klammer
Collage by Shelley Klammer

This directive offers 16 different art journal and writing explorations that will support you to  "grow up" the aspects of yourself that are frozen in the past.




- Art journal


- Pens, pencils, markers, pencil crayons, old magazines, glue stick and scissors




Resisting Past Emotions 


Becoming aware of when we are age-regressing (defending against feeling unfinished emotional pain from the past) is a process that can be visually and verbally explored through the art journaling process. Most of us experience age-regression on an almost continuous basis - until we have processed a considerable amount of past pain.  


All unfinished business from the past holds our younger selves frozen in time. In order to resist traumatic experiences, the child freezes the body by tightening the muscles and holding the breath. After much repetition, our patterns of contraction become an automatic response that can carry on for decades until they are seen, understood, interrupted, and changed...