Art Journal Therapy Exercise # 70 - Exposure Therapy to Reduce Fear and Anxiety

Collage by Shelley Klammer
Collage by Shelley Klammer

This in-depth collage journaling directive and written exercise will support you to face your anxiety avoidance tactics and will support you to gradually move through your fears one-by-one.




- Journal and a pen


- Collage materials




What We Avoid Weakens Us


"Do I prefer to grow up and relate to life directly, or do I choose to live and die in fear?" 


- Pema Chödrön


When we repeatedly shy away from what we fear, our ability to cope with life decreases. While avoidance tactics might provide a brief respite from anxiety, prolonged exposure therapy is a "fear toleration" or "fear presence" practice that delves past avoidance patterns, so that fear can be faced and overcome. 


What we fear will continue to plague us until we turn and face it. Exposure therapy journaling is a mental and emotional process of writing out fears in a detailed way. Through a process of repeated exposure to what causes us anxiety, we can learn how to prolong and strengthen our presence in the face of fear...