Expressive Art Therapy Activity # 72 - Mindfulness for Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies

Painting by Shelley Klammer
Painting by Shelley Klammer

This mindfulness exercise offers a way to decrease anxiety through repetitive focus on the breath, and/or focused creative activity.


Increasing Concentration and Calm


Many of us have some perfectionist or obsessive tendencies that intensify during times of emotional distress. The acronym OCD has become a stock term, often used in a casual way to describe someone who is excessively meticulous, perfectionistic, absorbed, or otherwise fixated.


Whenever we have mild or extremely exacting fixating tendencies, we can use the gift of our meticulous minds to focus on the positive practices of concentrated breathing, and mind training to increase inner peace and emotional healing. 


Anything done repetitively increases concentration and calm. In the case of obsessive, compulsive tendencies, repetitive and ritualistic behaviors that seem to have no apparent meaning are in effect creating calm, and they could be channeled into a form of life-enhancing meditation or a focused, repetitive creative activity...