Art Journal Therapy Activity # 73 - Healing Perfectionism

Collage by Shelley Klammer
Collage by Shelley Klammer


This art journal prompt explains the 3 types of masks that we can wear in social situations and how the false self creates painful perfectionism. This activity will guide you to transform your mask through 3 simple steps and 6 journal questions.




- Journal and pen


- Collage materials, magazines that you regularly enjoy, scissors and glue stick




The Mask and Childhood Hurts


Each of us has a protective mask self, and until we heal the wounds from our childhood by re-visiting and releasing them, we will continue to present an overly protective idealized self to the world. Our mask keeps our hurt frozen within our personality structure. And, this frozen way of seeing the world continues to attract the same childhood hurts into our current reality. 


Because our mask is inauthentic, we will experience continual rejection when we are in our mask. People often avoid inauthenticity, and so this starts the struggle for perfection to create an even more infallible mask, so that the emotional pain of rejection can be avoided...