Art Journal Therapy Activity # 75 - Spontaneous Collage Scrap Journal

Collage Scrap Journal by Shelley Klammer
Collage Scrap Journal by Shelley Klammer


This collage journal exercise will support you to play freely, using whatever you have on hand, without worrying about results.  This prompt also provides a written journal review process to support you to see the unconscious patterns in your creativity.




- Old drawings and paintings, rubbings, colored papers


- Magazine collage scraps, tissue paper


- Scissors and a glue stick




Loosening up Your Creativity


Collages that take very little thought, time or effort can evoke an unknown feeling, a new idea, or a fresh longing. Leftover collage scraps - colorful papers, magazine clippings, rubbings, words, old drawings and paintings - can be created into quick, experimental collages.