Art Journal Therapy Activity # 83 - Cultivate Concentration with Zen Painting

Zen Painting by Shelley Klammer
Zen Painting by Shelley Klammer

This expressive art prompt supports the practice of deeply concentrated engagement in the creative process as way to profound peace and integration.




- A wide soft brush - or three brushes - one for each color


- Three different colors of fluid acrylic paint


- 20 or more sheets of 8x10 or 11x14 cardstock or heavy paper





The Way of the Brush


Zen painting is a very simple spontaneous painting exercise, yet it takes great unselfconscious concentration to execute. It loosely involves the spiritual practice of painting one, two or three uninhibited brushstrokes - to express a moment when the mind is set free to allow the body create. 


In this exercise, I invite you to progressively practice letting go of your normal self-conscious ways of being in the world by engaging in painting 20 or more loose, swift, minimalist paintings in one session. Practice until your mind goes completely still...