Art Journal Therapy Activity # 92 - Journaling to Cultivate Joy

Pastel Drawing by Shelley Klammer
Pastel Drawing by Shelley Klammer

This journaling directive will be helpful if you are struggling with heavy emotions, and you want to interrupt the downward spiral of negativity.




- Journal and a pen




Moving out of Self-Absorption


Most of us journal to move through our difficult emotions, but a journal can also be used as way to discover what makes us happy. We can use our journal writing as a means to discover happiness, gratitude and inspiration - even amidst heavy emotional states.


Because habitual negative thinking can spiral our emotional state progressively downward, it is helpful to "interrupt" our discomforting states - not as a form of denial - but as a way of cherishing the preciousness of life, even when we feel rough. Cultivating joy strengthens emotional health, and it can be cultivated...