Art Journal Therapy Activity # 95 - Exploring Empowered Anger

This journal exercise will be helpful for you if you have trouble owning that you feel angry, or if you feel inhibited to express anger.


This exercise is especially for those of us who repress anger, feel weakened or unable to take powerful action in life.




- Journal and a pen




" Anger has a will, and it finds a way to make us listen. Anger is meant to be a part of each one of us."


-  Deborah Cox


Admitting You Feel Anger


The emotion of anger is often repressed, diverted and denied its full expression, especially for women. Even if you think that you fully express your anger, you may be surprised at the deep pockets of anger that you have not yet recognized and released.


Many women internalize anger by minimizing it or denying it, or by diverting it into tears or depression. Anger can also be externalized through judgment and blame, or through passive aggressive communication...