Art Journal Therapy Activity # 96 - Healing Fixations - Unblocking Stuck Energy

Mixed Media Collage by Shelley Klammer
Mixed Media Collage by Shelley Klammer

This journal directive will help you to understand and release varying drives, desires, and fixations on the different levels of your being so that you can flow with reality as it is unfolding, and prepare yourself to hold higher spiritual energies.




- A journal and a pen


- Self-reflective time





Level Confusion


Being multidimensional beings, we often confuse one level of healing with another, and this can lead to confusion about what is appropriate for our growth. For example, if we are unconditionally loving all people on a spiritual level but are not in touch with the practical truth of external reality, we could get taken advantage of.


When we are fixated in one area of our being, we cannot see the creative possibilities that exist all around us. Loosely defined, a fixation is an area of life that we feel obsessive about or stuck in. For example, we can be overly fixated on finding success, eating particular foods, or on having sex. Any fixation that we are stuck in indicates a target area that we can focus our healing attention. When we free ourselves from fixations, we experience life more creatively...