Expressive Art Therapy Activity # 98 - Resolving Inner Conflict


This journal exercise will help you identify the two parts of your mind that are in conflict, understand how each side is trying to protect you or get needs met, and facilitate a dynamic resolution that helps to reduce emotional pain.




- Journal and a pen




"For us to experience pain, at least two parts of our mind must be in conflict. It is this conflict that generates not only a fear of moving forward, but also pain in the situation that we are experiencing.


Two parts of our mind are in a power struggle, and neither will be satisfied until there is an integration of both parts. Simple acceptance of the pain will not be enough to release us from pain if two of the deeper parts of our mind are still in conflict."  - Chuck Spezzano 


Identifying the Inner Conflict Between the Known and Unknown Parts of Your Mind


When a known part of our mind - a part that we primarily identify with - is in conflict with another more unknown part of self, emotional pain arises...