Affirmative Collage

Join me for my newest collage challenge on Instagram! It is a simple challenge aimed to get you creating in simple, spontaneous ways every day for a year... or more!


I am always trying to fit simple expressive art processes into my busy life. This creative practice is easy, freeing, and is turning out to be very affirmative for me.


I am enjoying the process of looking for imagery and words that feel encouraging and uplifting. You can start anytime. If you get behind - no worries. Just create 365 intuitive collages when you can.

The Process

This affirmative collage practice involves 4 simple creative steps:


1. Intuitively choose one magazine. Close your eyes for a moment, and tune into your body with 3 deep breaths.


2. Flip through the magazine and choose and cut out 5-10 images and words that inspire you emotionally.


3. Play with the collage pieces until they feel right, and then glue them down. Sometimes this process is quick and playful, and sometimes it is slow and meditative.


4. Free associate in your writing journal and write down whatever spontaneously comes to your mind with the general aim of encouraging yourself. Title your collage and create a two or three sentence intuitive poem using the words in your collage.


Note: This intuitive process can also be used to process the shadow side of your human nature. As with all expressive art processes, always be truthful to your feelings of the moment.


Benefits: This daily visual and verbal play invites the unexpected, and invites what is at the edge of your unconscious to come into fresh awareness. Creating a quick affirmative collage with a few images and encouraging words is a way for your intuitive right brain to visually join with and heal your self-critical left brain.


Materials: A 6x8 journal, magazines, scissors and a glue stick. 


View my process on my Intuitive Collage 365 Blog and on Instagram.


Hashtag: #intuitivecollage365 #affirmativecollage and #collageforselfdiscovery

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