This daily journal e-course will help you crack into the mystery of what is really bothering you emotionally. Supporting you to move out of depression, repression, self-rejection, financial struggle and hurt, I share personal stories and art that represent my own passage through the mire to inspire you on this daily writing journey through your emotions. 


Part 1- Inspiring Your Emotional Life


How can I accept a limited definable self when I feel, in me, all possibilities?... I never feel the four walls around the substance of the self, the core. I feel only space. Illimitable space.” 


~ Anaïs Nin


Our inspired creativity lives on the other side of our troubled emotions. This is a 30-day journal writing course will support you to increase your emotional health and creative inspiration through daily written self-expression.


I personally have stacks and stacks of written journals that have carried me through difficult emotional passages, that have helped me to clear out deeper pockets of psychological and emotional pain to make room for more inspired creativity.


I share some of my personal process of healing through my journal writings and expressive art with you, as signposts on how to transform difficult emotions into mental clarity and inner peace. I also offer deep questions to contemplate, to spark and encourage your journaling practice.


" I have really found the course material hugely valuable and insightful. I'm overall amazed by your work and self-honest sharing on your journey. "  ~ A.M. - Guatemala


"Wow. wow, wow - I'm getting so much out of this course already. Looking back 10 and 20 years and comparing to my life now was eye-opening. I wouldn't have believed it til I "saw"it myself.


You write so well and explain concepts so they're easy to grasp and your questions are really making me think.  To say that this course is taking me out of my comfort zone would be an understatement-- mostly it's giving me permission to feel, and to acknowledge those feelings, something I don't do. Ever. " ~ J.B. Ontario, Canada


This course will help you to heal when...


- You regularly feel fear and anxiety, and you do not know why.


- You find it is a challenge to fit in daily self-reflective time without a structure to keep you focused.


- Your life feels flat and non-expressive and you are not deeply sensing into an inspired sense of who you authentically are.


You want to understand what is blocking you from grace and inspiration in a small amount of time.


- You want to create a treasured daily practice that expands your sense of meaning.


Developing a Daily Self-Reflective Practice to Move Through Emotional Pain


Years ago when I woke up early to write my three "morning pages," from Julia Cameron's Artist's Way, I would often feel stumped about what to write when I was emotionally flooded. I created this course with journal examples, stories, wisdom, guidance, questions, and spontaneous art to inspire your daily writing practice.


20-30 minutes of honest, directed journaling is an effective way to open up to heal you emotional life. This e-course offers you a daily starting place to contemplate your life in a way that is deeper than your anxiety avoidance patterns. It will point you in the direction of developing a daily self-reflective and emotionally clearing written journal. 


These Journal Writing E-Courses will show you how to:


Slow down and learn from the emotions living beneath your anxiety.


- Ask yourself the deep questions that you may not have thought to ask.


- Map out and understand you inner world, 


- Become familiar with the landscape of your psyche so that you do not automatically succumb to the patterns of your emotional pain.


- See your unique direction in life in a more inspired way.


- Make small, daily significant changes that uplift your life.


- Clear emotional blockages through daily self-expression to find more inspired states of mind.


- Develop an intentionally inspired life.


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Each day for 30 days you will receive a message in your in-box that includes, art, inspirational writing, along with writing prompts to get you started on a path of renewed daily dedication towards healing your emotional pain through daily journal writing.