Inspiration to Keep You Writing


"In order to retrieve your creativity, you need to find it."  ~ Julia Cameron


I will never forget finding Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way over 20 years ago and beginning the daily practice of writing my "morning pages." 


As part of my emotional healing process I wrote 3 pages longhand in my journal every morning for years. I later began to explore other creative practices such as morning collages, morning mandalas, morning intuitive drawings, and morning art journaling


Yet, it was the written journaling that helped me cognitively sort and understand the various voices inside my head that were conflicted. By sorting out all of the different sides of myself, I was able to calm myself, unravel my emotional pain, and become more clear and inspired in my thinking.


What are Morning Pages?


In the words of Julia Cameron:


"Put simply, the morning pages are three pages of longhand writing; strictly stream of consciousness. Pages are meant to be the act of moving the hand across the page, and writing down whatever comes to mind - the stuff that eddies through our subconscious and muddies our days. Get it on the page."

Writer's Block and Emotional Flooding


When I first started writing morning pages there were long periods where I could not write everyday. When I was emotionally blocked I would evade my writing for days, weeks, and even months. When I started to get into the deep stuff, the hard parts, the places inside that I did not want to admit to - I would just stop.


I designed this continuous 3 part journal course as a guided morning pages journey - 90 days in total - to support you through the initial, intermediate, and advanced stages "hard stuff." The blessings of honest writing everyday is we steadily grow into who we are meant to become. Blessings for your 90 Day writing journey.


As Julia Cameron shares:


" When people ask, "Why do we write morning pages?" I joke, "To get to the other side." Morning pages get us to the other side: the other side of our fear, or our negativity, of our moods." Above all, they get us beyond our Censor. Beyond the reach of the Creator's babble we find our own quiet center, the place where we hear the still, small voice that is at once our Creator's and our own."