All expressive art and writing e-courses focus on using expressive art and writing modalities to see, express, understand and heal emotional pain. All courses support a deeply personal exploration of expressive art, as well as journal, story and poetry writing for emotional wellness.


Each course offers different therapeutic benefits which I share with you below. If you are just starting out with expressive art and narrative therapy, I recommend that you take the courses in the order listed below.



* Five Stages of Self-Expression


We are all at different stages in our expressive journey:


 *1. Some of us are discovering that there is more to ourselves than our social presentation. We do not yet understand what is "pressing up" for healing, and we need to find ways to open up the door to express our unconscious emotions. 

* 2. Some of us need to need to daily express ourselves to reduce the hurt and pressure within. We need to release our painful emotions without worrying about what it all means just yet. 

*3. Some of us need to make sense of what we are creating so that we can change our thinking and behavioral patterns.

*4. Some of us need to process and transform deep, stubborn pockets of emotional pain such as childhood and teenage hurt, trauma, shame, low self-worth, fear, grief and anger. 

*5. Some of us see that our emotional healing is connected to the spiritual. We ache to understand the deeper meaning and purpose of our life.


How the E-Courses Support the Five Stages of Self-Expression


1. Narrative Therapy - Daily Story Writing for 30 Days - This e-course provides daily prompts to support you to see how you are currently "writing" your life story. It will invite you to consider how you see your "problems" and to spontaneously discover what inspires you about your life right now. (See #1)


2. Imaginative Journeys - Art, Poetry and Collage Prompts for 30 Days. Sometimes it can feel challenging to create spontaneously without ideas to spark the process. These art and writing prompts will support you to play, draw, paint, collage, create poetry, experiment, free associate, and explore what imagery and visual symbols mean to you.  (See #1)


3. Creative Intuition - Poetry Therapy and Free Association with Imagery for 30 Days. This e-course will be helpful for you if you are very busy and/or are feeling emotionally overwhelmed. This course will support you to select imagery that feels strong for you, and to write about it spontaneously. In this course you will begin to see what is burbling below your subconscious mind, and learn how to begin to identify what is trying to come up to your conscious mind for emotional healing. (See #1)


4. Heal Your Heart with Intuitive Collage - A Ten Minute Intuitive Collage for 30 Days.This 10 minute "morning collage" process involves creating a small torn paper collage, carrying it through your day, and learning to "read into" what your personal symbolism is trying to communicate. This course will lovingly show you how to accept your difficult emotions as they arise in your life and art. This e-course will also support you to better understand your emotional pain. (See #2, and #3)


5. Healing Through Spontaneous Art - Intuitive Painting, Drawing, Collage and Writing Therapy for 15 Days. This course is provides excellent introduction to expressive art as therapy, and writing for honest self-exploration. Simple art exercises such as painting, drawing and collage will support you to reveal hidden truths. And, deep inquiring narrative journaling questions invite you to deeply explore, and honestly examine emotional struggles such as worry, fear, frustration, fear, conflict, negativity, heartbreak and addiction. (See #2 and #3)


6. Collage for Self-Discovery - Spontaneous Collage for 90 Days. This e-course provides a deep, cathartic daily creative process, and facilitates the self-mirroring of your inner life. It invites you to create a magazine collage every day for 12 weeks. Writing processes, and many visual examples are included. This course is especially useful if you feel flooded or agitated with unprocessed emotions that you do not yet understand. This e-course will guide you to express and release the emotional pain of anxiety, shame, anger, self-consciousness, lack of self-worth, sexual repression, fear of magnitude and more. (See #2 and #3)


7. Daily Journal E-Courses - Reflective Journal Writing Therapy. Once you have released the pressure of emotional repression through imagery, you will need to make sense of how you think, and learn how your belief patterns create your reality. Each daily journal course invites you to consider three questions that will support you to understand your emotions. All questions are inspired by my personal process of emotional healing through art-making and writing. (See #3)


a. 30 Days of Inspired Creativity30 Days of Journal Writing Therapy. This daily journal e-course will help you crack into the mystery of what is really bothering you emotionally. Supporting you to move out of depression, repression, self-rejection, financial struggle and hurt, I share personal stories and art that represent my own passage through the mire to inspire you on this daily writing journey through your emotions. (See #3)


b. 30 Days of Authentic Self-Expression30 Days of Journal Writing Therapy. This journal writing course will support you move beyond feeling victimized by your emotional pain, and to better communicate your authentic feelings with other people. This course will inspire you to deeply process painful emotional states with self-love. I share my own art and experiences of learning to stay compassionately present to emotional pain, to encourage you on your journey to honest expression and emotional release. (See #3)


c. 30 Days of Passion and Purpose30 Days of Journal Writing Therapy. It can upset other people when we change for the better. When we move into our authentic magnitude, our life and relationships need to re-calibrate.  This journal writing e-course will support you to gracefully handle the life re-calibration that authentic growth brings. I share personal stories and art about my own journey into creative magnitude to encourage you to stay on the course of your highest emotional healing. (See #3)


8. Creative Abundance - 45 Days of Reflective Journaling and Art and Narrative TherapyIt can feel difficult to work, function and tend to practical tasks, let alone discover creative inspiration - when we are overwhelmed with heavy emotions. This course will support you to work with your thinking and emotional patterns. It includes daily affirmations to support your creative visions to manifest in the real world, and 45 curated links to in-depth emotional healing exercises from the e-course 100 Days of Art Journal Therapy. (See *3, 4, 5)


9. 100 Days of Art Journal Therapy - 100 Days of Art, Poetry and Narrative Therapy. This e-course will support you to express and process your emotions through in-depth art and writing prompts. This e-course has an optional private online peer support group, and comprehensively offers 100 days of art and writing directives to support you to move through deep pockets of emotional pain in a safely paced, wise and creative way. (See *3, 4, 5)


10. ACIM for Creative Inspiration - 365 Days of Spiritual Practices and Contemplations. This creative interpretation of the spiritual text of A Course in Miracles is especially effective for healing deep-rooted guilt, fear, anger, lack of self-love, and the repression of your originality. This course will support you to deeply understand the spiritual reasons for your emotional pain in a simple to understand, inspired format. It includes daily meditations, inner visualizations and spiritual contemplations to calm your nervous system and quiet your mind. Note: There is no art-making exercises in this course. (See #5)


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