In this Five Part Video Mandala Course you will learn how to: EXPRESS spontaneously. EXPLORE art materials. PLAY with shapes. CALM your mind, and ASPIRE to happiness. 


 In this healing adventure you will:


~ Learn how to create spontaneous free-form mandalas by sensing for symbols that match your inner experience.


-  Practice playing, loosening and freeing up your mandala process to allow for surprise and insight.


~ Practice deep rest in your intuitive mandala making process.


~ Learn how to "give" worry silence, and restore your mind to peace.


~ Practice the art of keeping your mind open to intuitive insight.


~ Recalibrate your nervous system to calm, confidence, and self-love.


A Year of Expressive Art and Writing

Intuitive Mandala Meditations is now part of my year-long program for healing depression.

What you will receive in this course:


1. Five videos with over three hours of personal sharing and mandala painting, drawing and collage demonstrations.


2. A PDF booklet describing the "how-to's" of intuitive mandalas and supplies list.