Creative Practices to Express and Heal Emotional Pain


For many years now my website has served as a portal to explore spontaneous creative practices, especially as they support the expression and healing of emotional pain.


Throughout my website and blog, I extensively share how I have personally, professionally and experientially explored various expressive practices as a way to express and understand thoughts and emotions that uplift the flow of joyful living.


Breaking Up Stagnancy with Creative Expression


Because emotional pain is stored in our bodies it is helpful to start a creative practice to open up the stagnancy that stubbornly stuck cognitive, emotional and behavioural patterns create.


I offer reasonably priced online coursework and workshops that offer experiential "doors into" expressive/spontaneous/intuitive practices. I have felt blessed to receive letters from people all over the world to share that they have been inspired to start and maintain a regular creative practices that have supported them to emotionally feel better.


Below are some of the Expressive Arts Modalities that I have explored, written courses about, and personally researched. This is not a comprehensive list by any means. For more information, I invite you to explore the history of Expressive Arts Therapy HERE.


Invitations to Express Yourself:


1. Spontaneous Collage is an easy way to begin expressing yourself spontaneously with no need to worry about your drawing or painting skills. Choosing images that emotionally "call to you" (you do not need to know why) and placing them together in a random fashion can yield profound insights from your subconscious/unconscious mind. Read about the benefits of spontaneous collage HERE.


Collage Coursework:

a. Collage for Self-Discovery

b. Heal Your Heart with Intuitive Collage

c. Healing Through Art (along with drawing, painting and journaling)

d. 100 Days of Art Journal Therapy (along with drawing, painting, poetry, and storytelling)



2. Intuitive Painting can support you to listen to subtle signals within that can point towards what feels healing for you. Intuitive drawing and painting is a form of deep spontaneous play with art materials that releases your inherent potential well being. Read more about the benefits of spontaneous painting HERE.


Painting Coursework:

a. Healing Through Art (along with journaling and collage)

b. 100 Days of Art Journal Therapy (along with poetry, and storytelling)

c. Intuitive Mandala Meditations 

d. Imaginative Journeys 



3. Expressive Journal Writing. Starting a daily journal writing practice not only invites fluidity into your personal written expression but you will find yourself speaking more creatively as well. Writing everyday helps you express yourself in a freer, more honest way. Read more about the benefits of expressive journal writing HERE.


Journaling Coursework:

a. Narrative Therapy

b. 30 Days of Inspired Creativity

c. 30 Days of Authentic Self-Expression

d. 30 Days of Passion and Purpose



4. Spontaneous Drawing. Often intuitive drawing will bring up material from your unconscious mind that needs to be integrated before you can move forward in your life. Read more about the benefits of spontaneous drawing HERE.


Drawing Coursework:

a. Healing Through Art (along with journaling and collage)

b. 100 Days of Art Journal Therapy (along with poetry, and storytelling)

c. Intuitive Mandala Meditations 

d. Imaginative Journeys 



5. Meditative Creativity speaks to the truth that our creative expression deepens our connection to what we understand as our spiritual Source. Creativity as a spiritual practice matures your consciousness into qualities such as spontaneity, honesty, depth of feeling and clarity. Read more about the benefits of meditative creativity HERE.


Meditational/Creative Coursework:

a. Intuitive Mandala Meditations

b. Emotional Healing with ACIM



6. Poetry Therapy helps you to express your authentic truth through poetry writing. Poetry writing offers a way to give voice to emotionally that would otherwise feel difficult to express in linear words.


Poetry Coursework:

a. Creative Intuition



7. Storytelling can support you to step back from your emotional issues and see them in story form. The externalization or objectification of your problems in story form can incite ideas for positive change. Read more about the benefits of storytelling HERE.


Storytelling Coursework:

a. Narrative Therapy



7. Depth Journaling is journaling from the deep silence within. It is a practice of listening deeper than your everyday consciousness for inspiration and intuitions about how to release and heal deep pockets of emotional pain. Read more about the benefits of depth journaling HERE.


Depth Journaling Coursework:

a. Dive Deep Art Journaling Course



8. Authentic Movement involves dancing your body from your intuitive knowing. Your body has a language of movement that will express itself freely and unlock stored emotional pain if you invite it to. Read more about the benefits of authentic movement HERE.



9. Photo Therapy expresses personal meaning in ways that words alone cannot express. Photographs hold stories and reasons for being taken that can tell you something about your inner world. Read more about the benefits of photo therapy HERE.


Photo Therapy Coursework:

a. Photo Therapy