We travel through life holding our emotions in. We repress many things - our sexuality and our passion, our grief, our anger and our hurt. We put barriers in front of our heart, and hold our repressed feelings in our muscles. Over time, we become stiff, contracted and tense.


To use your body as your art form, play a piece of music and move spontaneously to your own truth. Dancing to one song a day can free up your body’s innate expression.


Our bodies can forget how to move authentically. You may feel self-conscious when you first start dancing. Go to where your body feels the most stiff and move that body part into fluidity.


Move through all of your body parts from head to toe. Allow each body part to express something honest about itself.

Dancing spontaneously opens us to more emotional fluidity. If you maintain a daily expressive art practice, it is helpful to release your body tensions through spontaneous movement first.



Benefits of Authentic Movement

1. Spontaneous dancing softens the body's defensive armoring so that emotions can come forward for release and healing.


2. Authentic movement expresses emotions nonverbally. We do not always have to find words to express how we feel. 


3. Authentic movement can be emotionally cathartic and provide a way to release difficult emotions.



4. Dancing breaks up the stagnation of stored emotional patterning, and opens up fresh ways of thinking.