Your Body as an Art Form


To use your body as your art form asks that you play a piece of music and move spontaneously to your own truth. Try dancing to one song a day to open up your innate self-expression. Even dancing for 5 minutes a day can incite new courage to express your truth in other areas of your life.


1. Our bodies can forget how to move and you may feel self-conscious at first. Go first to where you body feels stiff and move it into fluidity.


2. Move through your body parts form head to toe and allow each part to move and express something about itself to the music.


3. The aim of movement as a spiritual practice is to allow your body to be your art, your tool for expression. The beauty of using your body as your art form is that as you dance, over time you release the body armouring that keeps emotional pain in place.


4. We travel through life holding our emotions and our life force in. We repress many things - our sexuality and our passion, our anger and our hurt. We put barriers in front of our heart and we hold our repressed feelings in our muscles. We become stiff, contracted and tense.


5. Dancing spontaneously opens you to being more fluid and creative with your other ways of creatively expressing yourself. If you are going to sit down to journal, write poetry or create a collage, it helpful to release your body tensions and mental constrictions first through spontaneous movement.