Imagery and color is our primal language. Painting for process - without pre-planning helps you to recover your authentic self-expression and delve below your social presentation to discover deeper truths.


When you paint for process instead of an end product that reflects how you want to be seen by others, you are invited to let go of all your prior conceptions of what art is.


Intuitive painting does not require years of training or technical skill. Your expression evolves as you find your own unique style. The aim is to enjoy the process and to turn off your rational mind and see what wants to be expressed.


In spontaneous painting we do not aim for a pretty product but rather stay truthful during the painting process and take risks to let something new and unknown emerge.


A simple way to dip into the intuitive painting process is to buy yourself some watercolor paints and pastels and a watercolor pad and begin splashing around. See of you can commit to one intuitive watercolor sketch per day for 30 days to get your self-expression moving.

Benefits of Intuitive Painting:


1. Access your creative intuitive flow.


2. Let go of perfection, planning and comparison.


3. Relax, play and bypass your inner critic.


4. Gain perspective about your problems and come to more clarity about your gifts and purposes.


Painting Coursework:

a. Healing Through Art (along with journaling and collage)

b. 100 Days of Art Journal Therapy (along with poetry, and storytelling)

c. Intuitive Mandala Meditations 

d. Imaginative Journeys 


Painting for Process

"I did an aquarell painting every day, very easy-going, not judging myself and from the beginning there came out very surprising things, which I would never have painted  normally. I am a part time artist and often feel often blocked and then I give up hope about the quality of my art .

Doing these expression paintings, freed me to do whatever comes up in me and I sense that that also helps me to get unblocked in my other artwork.
I will start with “a painting a day “ for 1 year now and your 30 days program was the initiation!!"


Christiane Lohmann - Hamburg, Germany