Painting for process - without pre-planning - delves below your social presentation to help you discover what you authentically need to express.


When you paint for an end product, it reflects how you want to be seen by others, and it often requires practicing an art technique.


Intuitive painting does not require years of training in art techniques. Your authentic self-expression will evolve as you practice. Quiet your rational mind as you paint. See what wants to be expressed.


In spontaneous painting do not aim for a pretty end product. Invite a truthful process. Dare to allow something new and unknown emerge.


A simple way to begin the intuitive painting process is to buy yourself some watercolour paints and a watercolour pad and begin splashing around. Commit to one intuitive watercolour painting per day for 30 days to get your intuitive self-expression moving.


Benefits of Intuitive Painting

1. As you cultivate your authentic creative flow it becomes easier to let go of perfectionism and the inner critic.


2. When you exercise your spontaneous right brain you invite insight and discover wisdom.


3. When you let your brush move spontaneously, you discover an authentic painting "style" that is beyond a learned technique.


4. When you paint authentically, you generate self-compassion.


Painting Coursework

Painting for Process

"I did an aquarell painting every day, very easy-going, not judging myself and from the beginning there came out very surprising things, which I would never have painted  normally. I am a part time artist and often feel often blocked and then I give up hope about the quality of my art .

Doing these expression paintings, freed me to do whatever comes up in me and I sense that that also helps me to get unblocked in my other artwork.
I will start with “a painting a day “ for 1 year now and your 30 days program was the initiation!!"


Christiane Lohmann - Hamburg, Germany