Every time you sit down to create, you can consecrate your efforts to deepening your spiritual connection within. A creative practice can become a treasured time for daily meditation. All of the expressive arts can involve moving into a deeper more spirit connected space.


Spirit moves towards us as we surrender into the mystery of the creative process. Spiritual messages in the form of symbols, metaphors and poetry often arrive when we are open, silent, honest and authentic in our expression. Our imagery and words can heal, transform, change and move us closer to an inner sense of inspiration.


Meditating on Your Imagery


You can also choose to meditate upon your imagery after you have created it:


1. Find a comfortable place to view your expressive collage, drawing or painting.


2.   Sit up straight and breathe deeply with your eyes closed, centering within your body as you would in a formal meditation. 


3. Open your eyes and let them gaze softly at your artwork. Really listen within your body to the feelings that arise as you look at your work.


4. Try to be present and silent with your artwork for 15 minutes at a time.


5. Take a few minutes after each sitting to write down any deep insights or feelings that arose during your meditation.


6. If no insights come,  just celebrate being able to be silent and centered. Simply enjoy the calm depths of yourself. Often, when meditating on spontaneous art, spiritual insights come much later.


Benefits of Meditative Creativity


1. Deepens insight into what you have created and helps you to access a deeper understanding of your expressive art.


2. Improves concentration and deepens your emotional experience of your intuitive art.


3. Increases self-acceptance of what you have created.


4. Expands consciousness beyond everyday levels of thinking.


Meditational/Creative Coursework:

1. Intuitive Mandala Meditations

2. Emotional Healing with ACIM