Spontaneous collage can be taken to a high level of art or it can simply be a few images put together in a random fashion. I often suggest the simplicity of collage as a beginning way to self-express as it is so easy to do.


The mind sometimes cannot get out of its daily loop to be able to see the more hidden parts of self that are longing to express and integrate into our conscious awareness.


A good way to start spontaneous collage is to try creating a Daily Ten Minute Collage. A few images chosen each day to meditate on can invite surprising insights.


There is something new and fresh and creative that is trying to emerge from your consciousness each day. I invite you to try spontaneous collage, and discover what wants to be expressed!



Benefits of Spontaneous Collage:


1. Minimal art materials needed - just a stack of magazines, card stock for backing, and scissors and glue stick.


2. No art or drawing skills necessary.


3. Employs intuitive choice-making.


4. Expresses and reveals subconscious and unconscious emotional and thinking patterns.


Collage Coursework:

a. Collage for Self-Discovery

b. Heal Your Heart with Intuitive Collage

c. Healing Through Art (along with drawing, painting and journaling)

d. 100 Days of Art Journal Therapy (along with drawing, painting, poetry, and storytelling)