Drawing Every Day 


"Jung made a practice of drawing spontaneous images in a journal everyday.


He believed these images arose from his inner world and that they were sacred symbols of his higher self.


You can engage in the same transformational practice and record spontaneous imagery, develop intuitive knowing, and explore synchronicity." 


-Cathy Malchiodi



You can begin exploring and finding your unique voice with drawing, whether it be abstract pastel with color or simple line drawings with a black pen.


1. Find your own ways to draw with markers, pencil crayons, pastels or even a ballpoint pen.


2. If insights arise as you draw, write down your words and phrases, even if they do not make sense in the immediate moment.


3. Allow your unconscious mind to draw what you do not normally express. Give your hand permission to play in its own way.



Benefits of Spontaneous Drawing


1. Spontaneous drawing bridges the gap between the conscious and unconscious mind and can illuminate areas in your being that are blocked, inhibited and stuck.


2. Spontaneous drawing provides a way to nonverbally express and release negative emotions.


3. Spontaneous drawing can develop intuitive knowing.


4. Intuitive drawing provides an opportunity to find your authentic way of drawing.


Drawing Coursework:

a. Healing Through Art (along with journaling and collage)

b. 100 Days of Art Journal Therapy (along with poetry, and storytelling)

c. Intuitive Mandala Meditations 

d. Imaginative Journeys