Your Art Program

Supporting and Sharing Art Programs around the World


In the interest of connecting expressive art facilitators and therapists around the world, I invite you to share your experiences through the following 10 questions.


Feel free to change the questions to suit what you prefer to share.


1. Please share who you are, and the name of your art program or art initiative. Please include pictures of yourself, your studio, or your art group in action. Please also send examples of art created in your art program.


2. Where is your art program located in the world? What population do you serve and why do you enjoy working with this demographic? Why is your work needed?


3. Please share a descriptive “snapshot” of one of your art sessions, your studio/workspace, and describe the emotional “atmosphere” of your sessions.


4. How do you make your artists feel at ease so that they can more comfortably express themselves?


5. Could you share an example of an art directive or an art theme that you might typically use in your art program?


6. What most touches you most about the art groups that you facilitate?


7. Could you share a story about how art making has facilitated change, deeper connection, or emotional or psychological healing for an individual member of your art group?


8. Could you share a story or anecdote about something that is challenging about running your art program?


9. What personally motivates you to facilitate art in the way that you do? Who are you as a creator and a teacher? What makes your art program unique?


10. How can people reading this article support your art program? How can people find out more about you and contact you? (Please share your email, web-site, Facebook Page, blog ect.)


Thank-you for submitting the story of your art program! Please send any photos that you would like included on your personal webpage on my site. I look forward to sharing and promoting your good work on Facebook, Pinterest, and on my website.


Please download the 10 questions below or copy the questions into the body of an email and send to me at:

Download the Questions

10 Questions
Art Programs Around the World.docx
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Support for your creative Service


I created this course for artists and art facilitators to encourage you to hold onto, build, and cherish your creative visions, and to do the inner emotional clearing work required to bring your higher visions into reality.


I offer the Creative Abundance e-course to you free of charge in thanks for your participation in this "friendship initiative" project.


Please email me at: if you would like to participate in this exchange.