Healing Collage · January 17, 2021
Inner Elegance
What does it mean to feel inwardly elegant? Emotional pain can feel jagged, disturbing, and dissonant. When I do my emotional self-love work I feel integrated, balanced and elegantly at peace.
Healing Collage · January 10, 2021
Life Purpose
I see the meaning of "life purpose" as being our unique way of loving ourselves, others and the world. And now, more than ever we need to make a firm choice between love and fear.
Healing Collage · January 03, 2021
HEALING COLLAGE Week 1: Beginning “Sometimes we can only find our true direction when we let the wind of change carry us.” ~ Mimi Novak
January 01, 2021
A Year of Healing Collage 2021
Create one healing collage a week based on a healing theme with Shelley Klammer