Narrative Therapy Feedback

Daily Connected Email Feedback


"I'm writing to thank you for your words of wisdom. Everything you said really helped. Your reply feels like a concentrated dose of good advice: an "everlasting gobstopper" of nourishing truths that I can return to again and again. I am grateful!"  ~ M.B.


If you enjoy writing your personal stories in safe and confidential connection to another, I offer you daily fee-based e-mail feedback for the Narrative Therapy E-Course.


Daily feedback for your story writing is a good alternative to therapy sessions, in that it gives you plenty of time to reflect on your personal process, and is much more cost effective than closely timed live therapy sessions.


A Low Cost Alternative to Therapy


Discovering your story through writing and therapeutically present conversations reveals the previously unrecognized and hidden possibilities contained within your regular story-lines. Areas of inquiry from the narrative therapy e-course include exploring life intentions, treasured and traumatic memories, influential relationships, life turning points, and the exploration of how all of these areas connect to each other.


This service provides a low fee option for those who cannot afford regular timed therapy sessions. The low fee is provided because you do most of the inner work with your story writing, and yet it provides daily connected outside feedback that opens up the closed loop of private journaling.


Sometimes we are more motivated to write when we can share our process with another. The aim of Narrative Therapy feedback is to more clearly see your own story, in connection. Simply reply to your daily e-course email with your story for the day, and it will automatically send your writing to my private email address. 


What to Expect


Each time you send in a submission, I offer my personal response, deeper questions, intuitive impressions, and perhaps a personal anecdote of my own. You will then have an email record of all your stories with connected responses to reflect upon of years to come.


You can expect to receive an intuitive 5 sentence response for each of your 30 submissions for the prepaid fee of $195 USD pre-paid below. Please submit daily in order to receive your responses, as I will not be able to attend to late submissions due to other bookings.


Your payment reflects your commitment to write daily, and will be answered within 24 hours. Please do not ask for a refund if you cannot meet you daily writing requirements.


Fee for Narrative Therapy Feedback


$195 USD - Thank-you for pre-paying for your 30 day Narrative Therapy feedback process. I look forward to reading and contemplating your stories and providing confidential reflection to your story writing process.



What to Expect:


You will receive 5 sentences in response to each submission that you send in that will include the following.


1. Direct Reflection: Some days I might simply let you know I have read what you have written - with a positive direct reflection about what you have said.


2. Questions: On some days your stories might inspire questions that I will ask to inspire deeper inner looking on your own. 


3. Personal Feedback: Sometimes I might feel called to share how your writing affects me personally, or to share a personally related story.


4. Intuitive Feedback: On some days I might get an inner, more spiritually directed message that may or may not resonate for you about your writing.




Information shared with me will be kept strictly confidential. Your willingness to be truthful will be treated with ultimate respect. At the conclusion of our work together your writings and records will be kept in the strictest confidence. At your request, I will delete all your emails on my email at the end of the process, or will keep them in a confidential file for one year.