Express Your Originality


Understanding our originality often feels like an inkling in the midst of emotional heaviness, like something that feels meaningful deep down inside, but we cannot seem to fully get in touch with it.


Trying to express our unique path amidst family, educational, religious and societal expectations for conformity is truly a heroine's/hero's journey.


Our true self is most often buried underneath layers of heavy and untrue family and societal conditioning. Often it takes some deeply intuitive inner work to find out who we really are, and a period of accurate outside reflection of our unique truth in order to learn how to become aligned with our authentic life process once again. 


Emotional Freedom 


If you are having challenges overcoming past emotional patterning, understanding who you are in your originality, or are presently feeling emotionally debilitated in your life, I offer self-directed e-courses and one-to-one emotional support to help you move into a fresh and spontaneous new life that is both practically aligned with your own originality, and creatively inspired. 




I started out by creating art studio programs for adults with acquired brain injuries, and for 9 years I worked in Canada's largest therapeutic art studio for adults at the end of life with dementia and/or physical and mental challenges. While I am designated as a counselling therapist, I have logged over 11,000 direct client art therapy hours in the studio, and I feel blessed to have worked with hundreds of clients over the years from all walks of life in this creative capacity.


I now live, love and work as a counsellor in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada with my partner Andrea, a brilliant psychological thinker and a conduit of higher inspiration in my life. She has helped me have many emotional and psychological breakthroughs and has supported my practical understandings of the human psyche and soul. Our 22 year old daughter Hadley has launched off into her own sweet life. 


Art Facilitation Questions


As a full-time counsellor, I no longer have time to personally answer art facilitation questions via email but I do host a closed Facebook peer support group for expressive arts facilitators of all backgrounds and skill levels. You are welcome to join HERE to ask all your arts facilitation questions to the group. 


Many people ask me about what types of formal education they should pursue in order to be "allowed" to facilitate art for other people. While I am deeply supportive of art therapy and expressive arts training, we are all welcome to express and share ourselves through our creativity. "Art is ubiquitous," art therapist Cathy Malchiodi points out. Art is everywhere. Art is for all of us.


Art is a universal way to express our unique personhood. My experience is more practical and intuitive than academic. At the beginning of my career, I initially explored my passions for facilitating art through volunteering, and by starting my own expressive art programs in healthcare, in the justice system and in my community without a therapy designation. 


Based on my own experiences of finding my way intuitively, I always say to people who want to give to others through their life-earned wisdom and creative nature, "Your originality will lead you to the right books, trainings and experiences that you need in order to express your gifts fully." 


While I feel great respect for the therapeutic standards of care elucidated in formal education, I also see that what we love is our particular and personal form of genius. Structured education can only contribute to our genius when it supports us to express our uniqueness, and originate our own path.


While working full-time, facilitating art in healthcare, I eventually went to school on evenings and weekends to explore my avid interest in transpersonal counselling psychology. I am now designated as a Registered Counsellor/Counselling Supervisor, MTC, RCS, but I still consider my intuition to be my greatest teacher.


For more information see What is Expressive Art Facilitation? 


MTC and RCS - Registered Counsellor and Counselling Supervisor