Booking Your Online Supervision Session


I offer one hour, one-to-one supervision sessions to Canadian counsellors by Skype or phone in series of ten monthly sessions and/or 5 two hour dyad sessions. 


 Individual Supervision Session Process:


1. To reflect upon how you would like to start or better conduct your therapy business.


2. To support your personal and professional development. 


3. To highlight and encourage new learning in areas of your choice.


4. To share and encourage knowledge of creative therapy modalities and transpersonal depth psychology.


5.  To identify your strengths, gifts and talents as a therapist.


6. To increase awareness of your own personal responses generated by your therapy work.


7. To deepen your professional knowledge.


8. To support you to manage your caseload, and/or support you to build your confidence and maintain your practice.


9. To support your own psychological and emotional well-being from a depth psychology perspective, and seeing the connections between your deeper life process and how it is supporting or hindering your therapy practice.


10. To spend loving time with your blind spots, and to jointly identify your areas of personal struggle so that you can intensify your growth process as a person, and as a therapist.


Two Hour Dyad Supervision Process - I also offer dyad supervision sessions throughout the year to augment or replace your individual sessions:


Two hour group supervision sessions are organized in a study group style, and they focus on varying topics of learning pertaining to counselling theories, therapy practices and facilitation styles.


Preparing for Your Study Group Dyad - Two Hour Online Session


1. Complete a short reading assignment prior to the meeting on the chosen counselling theory or book, and preparing an opinion on it.


2. Prepare a short sharing on what you are finding interesting and are learning about the chosen topic of focus.


3. Preparing one or two client case studies that relate to the chosen focus topic - or sharing examples based on your personal life experience if you are a beginning counsellor.


4. Preparing a reflection upon how you personally relate to the counselling theory that is being explored.


* Note: No expertise is required re: the counselling theories explored. This is a gentle learning group for new counsellors to practice bridging their lived experience and learned knowledge. 


Preparing for Your Expressive Arts Facilitation Dyad - Two Hour Online Session


1. Complete a short reading on the chosen topic of expressive arts facilitation. This may require purchasing a few books.


2. Practice an expressive arts modality outside of session time and share your process with the group.


3. Discuss how you implement expressive arts directives in session, or how you would like to.


4. Bring specified art materials to your supervision session so that we can try out different directives together.


* Note: No expertise is required re: the expressive arts directives explored. This is a gentle learning group for new counsellors wanting to practice the expressive arts during their supervision year in order to feel more comfortable introducing new modalities into client sessions.  


*I invite you to choose the person that you want to work with for the year and connect with me, or I can try to pair you up.


Contact me to book an individual session or to inquire about dyads on my counselling website: 

Online Individual and Dyad Supervision

$100 CAD - Thank-you for pre-paying for your one hour individual supervision session.
I look forward to talking with you and supporting your therapy practice.



$100 CAD - Thanks for pre-paying for your two hour dyadic supervision session.


I look forward to meeting with you soon.