Expressive Art Workshops and Creative Depth Therapy

Shelley Klammer - Counselling Therapist
Shelley Klammer - Counselling Therapist

Expressive art is spontaneous art. Using the principle of synchronicity, spontaneous creation tells you exactly what you need to know for your growth in this moment.


Creation without pre-planning clears out unconscious psychological patterns we are unaware of and opens us to creative possibilities outside of our ordinary mind.


Spontaneous imagery is often "wider" than words and it can invite our deeper, more intuitive wisdom to pour forth into our practical, everyday world. I created this web-site to share my experiential studies about spontaneous creativity and emotional healing. I hope that you will find the creative, emotional, and psychological solace you need here.

Painting by Shelley Klammer
Painting by Shelley Klammer

"Imagine a time when we meet ourselves, with elation at the door, and invite ourselves in to become reacquainted with this 'stranger' who has loved you all your life.” 


- Derek Walcott - Poet


Expressive Art Workshops and Therapeutic Support 


My creative coaching and art psychotherapy directives are structured loosely on what I call "Creative Multiplicity" with the aim of the therapeutic relationship being to support a loving and integrated "self-relationship" with all parts of yourself. 


A relational connection with me involves creatively working with the symbolism of your dreams, art, and  the ordinary events of your daily life to to discover the "missing pieces" of yourself, and to find the emerging patterns, themes, and purposes that are arising to help heal your practical, psychological and emotional life.


E-Mail Coaching - offers compassionate witnessed written support for your emotional life and your creative process, and is helpful for those who are just beginning to share what feels uncomfortable inside.


Creativity and Life Purpose Coaching - offers a monthly pre-booked coaching program with once a month phone check-ins to help you understand who you really are and what you are meant to contribute to life.


Self-Expression Counselling - is a shared creative listening process to help you understand your current growth edge, and how your life needs to unfold next. Using an art psychotherapeutic approach we will take into account everything that is happening in your life, dreams, relationships and current circumstances to understand how to express what is hidden, and what direction your life's expression is pointing towards.


Creative Mentoring - as needed mentoring to help you bring your creative visions into the practical world.


Focusing Sessions - are facilitated inner body meditative sessions to help you uncover your current growth edge or to sense into the "felt-sense" of you emerging creative work.


Online Expressive Art and Journaling Courses


All courses offer directives for a personal exploration of expressive art therapy.


Collage for Self-Discovery -$25.00 - This in depth three month collage and expressive art journaling e-course to help you discover what you do not yet know about yourself. Course lessons arrive once a week for 12 weeks.


Creative Intuition- $10.00 - Writing spontaneous poetry with imagery. Lessons arrive every day for 10 days.


Deepening Creativity - $15.00 - Reflect on a ten minute collage for one month to better understand your personal symbology. Course lessons arrive every second day for 30 days.


30 Day Journal Course Series- $27.00 - Daily written journaling for 30 days to release emotional pain and move into a more passionate purposeful life. Course lessons arrive everyday for 30 days.



Free Resources


I offer you a number of free resources:


Expressive Art Inspirations on Facebook is a colourful place to find art, and spiritual and creative inspirations to nourish your artistic soul. "Like" the page (not any of the photos or links) to sign up for a daily dose of creative inspiration on your Facebook feed.


100 Art Therapy Exercises - The Newest Updated List


30 Day Drawing Challenges - to inspire you to try the benefits of a daily creative practice and to win a free e-course. 


Explore Expressive Art Modalities - explore how you would like to express your inner world.


Expressive Art Journal Prompts - 100 in-depth expressive art journaling directives to inspire your inner exploration. 


Creativity and Healing Articles - illustrating the healing power of creativity.


Spontaneous Creativity Workshops - supportive studio workshops in the Vancouver, Canada area.



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Collage Therapy

Spontaneous creativity can be a relationship to that which is beyond our ordinary consciousness. When we listen deeper inside and let our self-expression lead us into what sometimes can seem like chaotic and random directions, we are led into a larger, more passionate and alive part of ourselves.


I specialize in teaching Collage Therapy. Read more about Intuitive Collage here.