Shelley Klammer - Counsellor
Shelley Klammer - Counsellor

 I welcome you to my website with love! This is primarily my online teaching site. And, I also offer one-to-one support via Skype and phone for those who want to deepen into my expressive art e-course work, as well those who would like personal guidance implementing the 100 art psychotherapy journal directives


Creation without pre-planning clears out unconscious psychological patterns we are unaware of and opens us to creative possibilities outside of our ordinary mind.


Spontaneous imagery is often "wider" than words and it can invite our deeper, more intuitive wisdom to pour forth into our practical, everyday world.


I specialize in teaching Collage Therapy. Learn more about Intuitive Collage here.

Expressive Art and Journaling E-Courses



10 Day Image and Poetry Adventure to invite the new into your life.


Emotional Healing

Through Creativity

Meditate on a 10 Minute spontaneous collage each day for 30 days.

Collage for Self-Discovery

12 weeks of spontaneous collage, free-form writing, and intuitive doodling.


30 Days of Inspired Creativity

 30-days of journaling writing to find inspiration through difficult emotions.

30 Days of Authentic Self-Expression

 30 Day journal writing course to cultivate expressive strength.

30 Days of Passion and Purpose

30 day journal writing course to build your passionate  self-expression.

Creative Abundance-Manifestation for Artists

New E-Course - Manifestation Principles for Artists


We are all creators, and whether we are creating positively or negatively, we are always creating something. Creating prosperity requires a consistent state of emotional well-being that many people do not understand how to attain.   


In order to positively create what you want, you must feel and release trapped emotional pain. This  Art Journal Journey through the 100 Art Journal Therapy Directives will support you to focus on and attain what you want to create instead of creating your life from unconscious pain patterns from the past. 

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