Shelley Klammer - Counsellor
Shelley Klammer - Counsellor


I welcome you to my website with love! My creative coaching and art psychotherapy directives offer emotional support through what I call "Creative Multiplicity" which is a loving and integrated "self-relationship" with all parts of yourself, so that every aspect of you can move towards your well-being, passionate aliveness, and highest goals. 


A relational connection of support with me involves integrating the symbolism of your dreams, art, and  the ordinary events of your daily life to to discover the "missing pieces" of yourself, and to discover the emerging patterns, themes, and purposes that are arising to help heal your spiritual, psychological and emotional life.

Expressive Art and Journaling E-Courses

Creative Intuition

10 Day Image and Poetry Adventure. If your life is in a dull routine, this course is for you. This course is also helpful if you feel creatively blocked or are in emotional pain. If you are  looking for ways to understand deeper levels of yourself in a simple daily way, I welcome you to join me.


Emotional Healing

Through Creativity

Learn to see your emotions in your creativity. The hidden language of our deeper emotions can more easily reveal themselves through imagery and visual symbols before they shape into words. Meditate on a 10 Minute spontaneous collage each day for 30 days.

Collage for Self-Discovery

12 weeks of spontaneous collage, free-form writing, and intuitive doodling. Working spontaneously with found and self-created imagery bypasses your regular thinking mind, and reveals more of what your deeper self wants you to express in your life.

30 Days of Inspired Creativity

 Our inspired creativity lives on the other side of our troubled emotions. This is a 30-day journaling writing course is designed to support you to increase your emotional health through self-expression.

30 Days of Authentic Self-Expression

 Find emotional and expressive strength through daily journal writing. In order to live full, authentic lives we must be in touch with all of our feelings, "positive" and "negative" alike, as they all hold important messages.

30 Days of Passion and Purpose

Emotional pain often comes from depressing our creative life force. This  journal writing course will encourage you to gradually build your passionate  expression to express the truth of who you are.

Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring

Art Psychotherapy

Offers understanding and support to heal the "shadow" parts of ourselves that go into hiding due to lack of love and approval from ourselves and others.

Creativity Coaching

Offers a dedicated nine month coaching duration to help you move through emotional pain and birth your creative visions into the world.

Creative Mentoring

Offers as needed mentoring to support  you to bring your creative visions into the practical world.

Free Creative Resources

100 Art Journal Therapy Prompts

100 in-depth art psychotherapy journaling directives to inspire your inner exploration. 

30 Day Expressive Drawing Challenges

To inspire you to try the benefits of a daily creative practice and to win a free e-course. 

Creativity and Healing Articles

Illustrating the healing power of creativity.


Collage Art Therapy

Creation without pre-planning clears out unconscious psychological patterns we are unaware of and opens us to creative possibilities outside of our ordinary mind.


Spontaneous imagery is often "wider" than words and it can invite our deeper, more intuitive wisdom to pour forth into our practical, everyday world.


I specialize in teaching Collage Art Therapy. Learn more about Intuitive Collage here.