I welcome you to my website with love! I offer online e-courses and one-to-one therapy support via Skype and phone using depth talk, expressive art, and narrative therapy to support you to heal your emotional pain. Please join me on my newsletter list for regular updates on e-courses, free creative resources, and my creative healing story series.


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100 Days of Art Journal Therapy

It takes about 3 months to deeply ingrain new positive emotional and psychological habits. Imagine having an in-depth set of 100 expressive art and written journaling processes arriving in your email each day to support you to clear out your emotional pain and access your higher potentials. Course lessons arrive everyday for 100 days.


This in-depth e-course will support you to heal emotionally through the daily "symbol release" of spontaneous imagery paired with in-depth writing prompts so that you can learn how to live your life with inspiration instead of emotional pain. Sign up HERE.

Intuitive Collage 

Learn more about Collage Therapy here.

Collage for Self-Discovery


The Collage for Self-Discovery E-Course is near and dear to my heart. It is the first e-course I ever wrote and is my personal story of finding my authentic self through creative self-mirroring. 


Many of us are conditioned to fear our true self because it was a place we never felt fully seen or loved in our authentic nature. This course teaches the simple principles of how spontaneous creativity can bypass our social guard and reveal the lost aspects of ourselves that are essential for joyful, creative living. Sign up HERE.

Healing Through Spontaneous Art

Becoming aware of how we think, feel and speak is essential for living an empowered life. Spontaneous art is the mirror reflection of your inner world, and it will help you to see the truth about yourself. 


Honest creative expression awakens your innate healing abilities by bringing the light of truth into your personal darkness. As you become more aware of your self-defeating beliefs, you can stop hurting and direct the creative course of your life.  Sign up here for 15 days of healing art making.

Expressive Art and Writing E-Courses

 10 Day image and poetry adventure to help calm your emotional overwhelm.


30 Days to understand and heal your emotional pain.

12 weeks of spontaneous collage for deep emotional processing.

30 Days of Inspired Creativity

 30-days of journaling writing to find inspiration through difficult emotions.

30 Days of Authentic Self-Expression

 30 Day journal writing course to overcome the fear of authentic self-expression.

30 Days of Passion and Purpose

30 day journal writing course to overcome fear of your magnitude and purpose.

We are all born creators, and whether we are creating positively or negatively, we are always creating something. Creating abundance requires a consistent state of emotional well-being that many people do not understand how to attain.   


In order to positively create what you want, you must heal and release trapped emotional pain. This course on deliberate creation will support you to focus on and attain what you want to create instead of creating your life from unconscious emotional pain from the past.


Preview the 45 Principles of Abundance for Artists HERE.

Free E-Course - Narrative Therapy - 30 sTory Prompts

 As human beings, we are meaning-making creatures. We attach meaning to every experience we have, and over time our meanings get organized into themes.


As we unearth our stories and have open conversations about them, we can learn how to re-tell them. With support and practice you can learn to ‘re-author’ the story of your life.


Sign up here.

Free Creative Resources