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This in-depth e-course will support you to heal emotionally through the daily "symbol release" of spontaneous imagery paired with in-depth writing prompts so that you can learn how to live your life with inspiration instead of emotional pain. Course lessons arrive every day for 100 days. Sign up HERE.

Intuitive Collage 

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Healing Through Spontaneous Art

Spontaneous art is the mirror reflection of your inner world, and it will help you to see the truth about yourself. 


Honest creative expression awakens your innate healing abilities by bringing the light of truth into your personal darkness.


As you become more aware of your self-defeating beliefs, you can stop hurting and start directing the creative course of your life.  Sign up HERE 

Expressive Art and Writing E-Courses

 10 Day image and poetry adventure to help calm your emotional overwhelm.


30 Days - A daily ten minute collage practice to release emotional pain.

12 weeks of spontaneous collage for deep emotional processing.

30 day journal writing course to find inspiration through difficult emotions.

 30 day journal writing course to overcome the fear of authentic self-expression.

30 day journal writing course to overcome fear of your magnitude and purpose.


Emotional pain creates a vibration of lack - lack of love, lack of belonging, lack of support, lack of possibility - and these thoughts create blocks to our higher creative visions. 


This course on deliberate creation will support you to access your visionary potentials instead of creating your life from unconscious emotional pain from the past.


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As human beings, we are meaning-making creatures. We attach meaning to every experience we have, and over time, our meanings get organized into themes.


As we unearth our stories and have open conversations about them, we can learn how to re-tell them. With practice you can learn to positively ‘re-author’ the story of your life.


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45 Days of Art Facilitation Ideas!


Whether you are new to facilitating expressive art and writing for groups or are a seasoned facilitator, this course will provide you with fresh ideas everyday that will increase honest communication, encourage freedom in the use of art materials, build group bonding, and invoke the healing power of authentic creativity.


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Free Creative Resources


Join me on Instagram for the 90 Day Collage Therapy Challenge and earn the E-Course 100 Days of Art Journal Therapy!


The challenge involves photographing your daily collage - or a detail of your collage in process - every day for 90 Days, and posting on Instagram with the hashtag #collageforselfdiscovery


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Purchase Collage for Self-Discovery for emotional support through this challenge.

Featured Lesson from ACIM for Creative Inspiration

A Course in Miracles for Creative Inspiration

by Shelley Klammer


Lesson 133: Freedom from Guilt


"I will not value what is valueless."


Creative Practice


The purpose of today's lesson is to release the empty, surface things that we seek in our world in exchange for a state of genuine connection to Presence.


Meditation: Two times for fifteen minutes.

Today repeat the idea, "I will not value what is valueless. Only what has value do I seek, for only that do I desire to find."


Then look inside to see what is valuable about you. Refuse to trick yourself into feeling that the outer approval of others can bring you any lasting inner happiness. Try today to value what is eternal inside of you.


Empty your hands of what you thought was valuable in this world. Let go of your everyday attachments. Allow the gate of your inner connection to Spirit to swing open and offer you the gift of everything.


Spiritual Contemplation


The human ego is very tricky. We can have an ego that pretends to be spiritual, but it does not let the real experience of Spirit in. Consider that every choice you make brings everything of Spirit into you, or nothing of Spirit to you. There is no in between.


You can ask, "Is this choice free of guilt?" If not, then it is an ego choice. Guilt is always the real barometer of whether our choices involve ego. If you feel guilty, understand that your ego is motivating you to take action in an attempt to relieve its feelings of "not good enough yet."


Your ego always seeks to take something to fulfill its feeling of lack, and this builds progressive layers of guilt. Every moment you are either making a choice for love or a choice for guilt. To choose love in every situation is the only way to be guilt-free.