All courses from Expressive Art Workshops are designed to reconnect you to your intuition through spontaneous art and honest expressive writing so that you can see, process and heal your emotions, and access your fullest creative clarity. 

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Dive Deep Art Journal Course


DECIDE upon the aspect of yourself that most needs to emotionally heal right now. DEDICATE a journal and a period of time to deepen into your emotional healing. DEVOTE yourself to the daily practice of loving what you need to emotionally heal.


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Foundational Expressive Arts Courses

If you are new to the expressive arts, I offer you simple daily guides for expressive art and writing that support self-reflection and heightened emotional awareness. I recommend that you start with course #1. 


1. Narrative Therapy


Beneath our "problem stories" are hidden skills, resources, positive values, dreams, and desires. In narrative therapy, you will learn how to listen for indications of strength within life stories that are saturated with problems.


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2. Expressive Poetry Writing


In every moment our emotions want to move in a particular way. Unblocking this movement though imagery and spontaneous words is a simple practice that is easy to maintain in the midst of a busy like and provides a respite of daily creative freedom.


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3. Symbolic Journeys 


Our souls speak in the language of imagery. This 45 day course will support you to understand the deeper signs and symbols that spontaneously arise in your expressive art and writing.


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4. Healing Difficult Emotions with Expressive Art


Simple expressive art exercises such as painting, drawing and collage support you to reveal hidden truths. Inquiring questions invite you to deeply explore, and honestly examine emotional struggles such as worry, fear, frustration, fear, conflict, negativity, heartbreak and addiction.


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E-Courses for Deep Emotional Processing



This in-depth e-course will support you to heal emotionally through the daily "symbol release" of spontaneous imagery paired with in-depth writing prompts so that you can learn how to live your life with inspiration instead of emotional pain. Course lessons arrive every day for 100 days. 


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Process your emotional pain and overwhelm through expressive art, meditation and journal writing techniques. These worksheets are effective for the healing the pervasive pain of inner child and inner teen aspects of self.


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Guides For Expressive Arts Facilitators



PDF Guidebook for artists who want to take art facilitation ideas into the real world, and specialize in working with older adults.


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For over 15 years I have kept detailed and inspiring notes of all the hands-on directives that have worked well in my expressive arts classes for children, teen and adults, as well as my work with a wide variety of special needs populations.


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Self-Reflective Writing Courses

Free E-Course

This course is for you if:


- Sitting still in mindfulness meditation does not suit your restless creative soul.

- You love beauty and you want to track your inner life's responses to your outer environment.

- You are curious about how your emotional life responds to imagery.

- You long to calm your nervous system and take your attention off of your emotional pain. 



90 Day Collage Therapy Challenge


The challenge involves photographing your daily collage - or a detail of your collage in process - every day for 90 Days, and posting on Instagram with the hashtag: #collageforselfdiscovery


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Intuitive Collage