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Understanding your originality can feel like an inkling, like something that feels meaningful deep down inside, but it feels difficult to get in touch with it. Trying to express your unique path amidst family, educational, religious and societal expectations for conformity is truly a heroine's journey.


Your true self is likely buried underneath layers of untrue familial and societal conditioning. Often it takes some deeply intuitive and creative work to find out who you really are.


I written over 30 expressive arts e-courses and e-books for personal and professional development available through my online classroom. I offer expressive arts e-courses from beginner to advanced levels that support the self-expression of original thought, radical self-love and intuitive insight.


I am a Counsellor, Artist, and Educator with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association.


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DECIDE upon the aspect of yourself that most needs to emotionally heal right now. 


DEDICATE a journal and a period of time to deepen into your emotional healing. 


DEVOTE yourself to the daily practice of loving what you need to emotionally heal.


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