Welcome to Expressive Art Workshops! I am a Counsellor, Artist, and Educator with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association. I teach online expressive art and writing courses to support deep emotional healing. If you would like a free guided tour through my many hidden educational webpages, I invite you to sign up for weekly learning library emails here

Featured Courses

All courses from Expressive Art Workshops are designed to reconnect you to your intuition through spontaneous art and expressive writing so that you can see, process and heal your emotions, and enjoy the happiness of complete self-love. 

Free Webinar Course


DECIDE upon the aspect of yourself that most needs to emotionally heal right now. DEDICATE a journal and a period of time to deepen into your emotional healing. DEVOTE yourself to the daily practice of loving what you need to emotionally heal.


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Expressive Arts Foundations Bundle

A sequential journey through all of the foundational expressive arts courses will support you to understand your emotional healing process from the inside-out. This course bundle offers over 115 days of self-expression exercises for emotional healing, and over 200 expressive art and writing prompts. All foundations courses are bundled for a $50 savings.


Learn more about the Foundations program here.

Expressive Arts Self-Therapy Bundle

Your deepest emotional wound becomes your greatest superpower - once healed. This prolific course bundle includes numerous written PDF lessons, plenty of visual examples, comprehensive psychological explanations of the emotional healing process, 8 art video demos and a PDF guidebook. Bundled for a $75 savings.


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Most Popular Courses

100 Days of Art Journal Therapy

E-Guides for Expressive Arts Facilitators

If you are an artist wanting to take your teaching ideas into your community, these practical guidebooks are for you! 


Over 100 practical, real-world tested Expressive Art Facilitation ideas for people of all ages. Includes the guidebooks, "How to Start an Art Program for Older Adults" and "45 Expressive Arts Facilitation Ideas." Purchase the bundle for a 15 dollar savings.    View Bundle...

Facebook Connection

There are are four ways to connect with me on Facebook, and I invite you to join me there!


1. Personal: Sharing my expressive arts studio process with creative friends.

2. Expressive Art Inspirations: Curating expressive art to inspire your creative journey. 

3. Expressive Arts Facilitation: A peer support group for expressive arts facilitators 

4. Discover Intuitive Collage: A group of collage enthusiasts sharing their intuitive collages.


Creative Portals

Collage for Self-Discovery

Create a collage a day for 90 days for emotional release. View Course....