Create a Ten Minute Collage

Ten Minute Intuitive Collage
Self-Reflection on the Go

I created this ten-minute collage practice when I was working full-time as an art facilitator in healthcare. Feeling emotionally overwhelmed. I did not have much time to tend to my inner life. And I know, after years of teaching this course that artists and non-artists alike can find surprising emotional freedom of expression through this simple daily creative practice.

Many of us tuck away and accumulate difficult emotions in the interest of properly functioning in our practical life. In the process of growing up, you likely did not learn how to properly process your emotions in the first place, and unknowingly you could be accumulating heavy emotions with each passing year.

My creativity has always provided a way for me to see, accept and process all parts of myself in a loving visual way. For many years, I personally have used the practice of spontaneous self-expression to help me honour what I was not allowed to express when I was growing up and also to process the untended emotions that accumulate in a busy, stressful life. 

Symbol Release

For most of my teen and early adult years, I depended on my private creativity journals to help me feel better emotionally. Unknowingly, I was implementing the process of what psychologist Carl Jung would refer to as "symbol release."

While I did not understand the emotions I was releasing through my creativity, I nonetheless was allowing a daily emotional clearing of my body and unconscious mind. I knew that if I was spontaneously creative each day I would feel clearer, lighter, and freer.

This course was created during a period in my life when I could no longer fit my extensive expressive art practices into my life. When I began to work full-time, I found that by the end of my working week, I would feel heavy with emotional accumulation. So I began creating a ten-minute "morning collage" with my tea very early each morning, before getting myself off to work.

Daily Intuitive Collage

An Easy Creative Practice

To make your experience almost effortless, I invite you to have a stack of old magazines, books, and colourful patterned papers on hand so that you can make a ten-minute collage in the morning before you start getting ready for your day.

Even if you are going to be home for the day, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee first thing in the morning, and create your collage immediately after you wake up so that you will be as closely connected to your unconscious mind as possible. 

Two or three torn images spontaneously chosen, a word, or a phrase or two is all that is required for your collage to reveal something new. I prefer to work with imagery but if you simply want to play with coloured papers in spontaneous, abstract ways, do.

This is an excepted from my course Intuitive Collage for Emotional Insight. If you have already taken the course - be sure to go download the updated e-book at the end of the course.