Expressive Art and Writing for Groups

This e-guide will feel supportive for art facilitators who are just beginning to offer classes and groups in their community, and who want to feel more comfortable with class pacing, program structuring, and communication with groups. This guide offers 45 ideas that inspire participant self-development through expressive art, movement, and writing directives.    

45 Days of Art Facilitation Ideas


For over 15 years I have kept detailed notes of all of the hands-on art directives that have worked well in my expressive arts classes for children, teens and adults, as well my work with a wide variety of special needs populations.


Arriving daily as "Inspired Notes" in your email inbox, I offer you daily supportive ideas on how to facilitate your own creative self-expression groups. For 45 days, you will discover new ways to bring fun, freeing, intriguing, surprising, and humorous expressive art and writing directives to your participants.


Whether you are new to facilitating expressive art and writing for groups or are a seasoned facilitator, this course will provide you with fresh ideas everyday that will help increase honest communication, encourage freedom in the use of art materials, build group bonding, and invoke the healing power of authentic creativity in a peer-led way that does not require counselling or therapy skills.


 You Will Learn:


1. How to facilitate 45 multimodal expressive group exercises including authentic movement, expressive drawing, poetry, painting, collage and much more.


2. How to pace your art sessions to intensify the creativity of your participants.


3. How to introduce the element of surprise into your facilitation skills to increase spontaneity and fun.


4. How to facilitate group discussions that encourage honest sharing and friendly group communication.


Art and Writing For Groups E-Course:


This course is delivered daily for 45 days and includes a consolidated PDF of all the course content at the end.


$39 USD



If you prefer to purchase the PDF e-guide only you can do so on CourseCraft HERE.

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