The following schools offer Expressive Arts Facilitation training. Some offer certificates and some do not. Some are online, some are not. Please contact each school to find out more information, and check with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association to see if the program of your choice contributes toward a REACE designation.


Arts Health and Creativity at the University of Tasmania offers a short online course exploring arts practices and creativity in healthcare. This course provides you with an introduction arts/health research and the application of arts practices in community and health settings.


Arts in Health Institute offers accessible and affordable online education in their approach to health and well-being with arts engagement training and advocacy.


Expressive Arts Institute of Oregon in Portland Oregon offers a 500-hour Embodied Expressive Arts training program. Participants learn about movement-based expressive arts through their bodies –  physically, psychologically, and emotionally.


Center for Creative Arts Therapy - The Center for Creative Arts Therapy's Training Programs offer coursework in the following professional disciplines: Drama Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Therapeutic Performing Arts, Theatre of the Oppressed and Psychodrama.


Creative Awakenings International - A unique Equus-heART guided apprenticeship in the stunning landscape of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado created by Sheri Gaynor LCSW, a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, and author of “Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through Art.”


Creatively Fit with Whitney Freya - Whether you choose to guide your clients & friends through Vision Quest, The Creatively Fit Program, The Super Soul Flow Meditation Course or teach your own art workshops, serve your life coaching clients, or inspire any other community, the Creatively Fit Coaching Certification Program is your opportunity to create income.


Creative Response Therapy - CRT™ provides user friendly and accessible multi-media instruction and guidance to teachers, caregivers, therapists, coaches and researchers in education, treatment and corporate settings in both in-person and online training. View the intro video HERE.


Creative Rhythms Facilitator Training - Specialties include expressive arts, rhythm wellness and sound meditation/mindfulness. These experiences are facilitated and taught within most CRF Events. 


Expressive Arts Florida - Certificate Training Program in Intermodal Expressive Arts. Expressive Arts Florida Institute is a two-level Certificate Training program in intermodal expressive arts for those interested in pursuing the Expressive Arts as a professional path, whether integrating it into an existing career, or beginning a career in the expressive arts field.


Expressive Arts - Fleming College (Haliburton) - Expressive Arts practitioners integrate creative options into their existing professional skills and areas of expertise. This graduate certificate is a useful complement to an existing career in education, counselling, social work, social service, the arts, or ministry. (Ontario, Canada)


Expressive Arts Therapy | Appalachian State University - Appalachian's philosophy of expressive arts therapy is inextricably linked with the natural landscape. Set in the ancient mountains of the Southern Appalachian Range, among Native ancestors and remnants of the earth's oldest forests. Nature's cycles of creation, elaboration, destruction, and regeneration provide the model for creative process in art and life.


Expressive Art Workshops - Offers online experiential immersion into the expressive arts for personal and professional development. 


Expressive Therapies - Lesley University - Lesley University in Massachusetts has degree and teaching programs (and a program to combine your BA and Masters for a significant tuition discount.)


Expressive Trauma Integration - Expressive Trauma Integration (ETI) is a multidisciplinary approach to trauma interventions based on over a decade of research and clinical work with traumatized populations in the Middle East, United States, Africa, and Asia by Dr. Odelya Gertel Kraybill, a trauma therapist, and consultant.


Institute for Creative Mindfulness - provides the necessary educational and supervision requirements to apply for the Registered Expressive Arts Therapist.


Institute for Therapy through the Arts in Evanston, IL. Offering four creative arts treatment modalities – Music Therapy, Drama Therapy, Art Therapy, and Dance/Movement Therapy, the institute sees individual and group clients, and also engages in training and advocacy. 


Instituto RES - Offers training in expressive arts disciplines and structured practices to increase or preserve the well-being of the individual, enhancing their creative and expressive abilities.


Intuition Painting - Intuition Painting® is a one-of-a-kind process combining guided meditation, creativity coaching, mantras, personal inquiry, and embodiment. In these sessions, you learn how to stay focused solely on the process while painting freestyle, without any preconceived  ideas or concerns for the resulting product.


JFK University at Berkeley offers a Master's in EXA (and a certificate in Trauma interventions.) The Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology – Specialization in Expressive Arts prepares students for careers as psychotherapists with a special emphasis on multi-modal expressive arts approaches to psychotherapy. 


Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach Training - The training is customized for individuals interested in learning how to use tools that have empowered thousands since 1997 to reach creative dreams and/or live the blessing of an authentic, joy-filled life. (Online)


Kassi Martin - a counsellor and creative therapist offers Experiential Expressive Art courses for personal exploration, healing & relaxation.


KATI Art Therapy Distance Program teaches an Indigenous method of art therapy practice with a focus on community-building and experiential course work. The initial immersion is followed by online course work and the development of community and clinical art therapy placements.


Langara Expressive Arts Therapy Certificate Program - an integrative arts-based psychotherapy training program with an emphasis on theatre, drama, movement, visual arts, and creative writing. Established in 2004, the program is the first of its kind in British Columbia, Canada.


Life is Your Masterpiece - Art therapist Leah Guzman offers a year long program that infuses self-care and art therapy techniques that will tap into your intuition and help you gain valuable insights.


Lighthouse and Nirmala Niketan College in Mumbai offers a Diploma in Arts Based Therapy (ABT) course.


Live Your Art Studio - Expressive Arts Therapist Yvette Lyons (North County, San Diego) offers certification in the Expressive Arts, Mari Mandala Training, and Sand Tray Therapy to people who want to work in the mental health field.


Mindful Creative Muse - has various Mindful Art and Expressive Art E-Courses, Online Retreats and Teacher Trainings.


Mindful Journey Center - Irene Rodriguez offers expressive arts courses to fulfill the educational and supervision requirements of IEATA's Certificate of Expressive Arts as a faculty member of the Institute for Creative Mindfulness.


Mohawk College - Prepare for a fulfilling career creating programming to support clients with diverse needs. Develop, manage, and facilitate programs utilizing the arts and creative processes.


Open Studio Project - In all workshops and classes, participants and facilitators work alongside each other as fellow artists from the very start. The facilitator's ability to navigate the creative process becomes an essential reference point for class participants. 


Person Centred Expressive Arts Institute PCEA was founded by Dr. Natalie Rogers and is based on her father Carl Rogers’ person-centered approach and her Creative Connection® process. The Person-Centered Expressive Arts Institute offers a two-year PCEAT Certificate training program in collaboration with Meridian University.


Prairie Institute of Expressive Arts Therapy - In Calgary, Alberta Canada, Carmen Richardson offers a 6 month intensive training in the fundamentals of expressive arts therapy. This program offers an introduction for individuals who may want to use the arts in their clinical practise, community work, or for personal experience. 


Salve Regina University Expressive Arts Institute -  In addition to the graduate coursework, a non-credit professional development course is offered annually in the summer session. The Expressive Arts Institute (EAI) is a three-weekend workshop that provides artists, counselors, educators and those in related fields with foundational training in the expressive and creative arts.


Seacoast Expressive Arts - Located in Portsmouth, NH SEA is an NBCC Accredited Continuing Education Provider offering expressive arts coursework.


Society for the Arts in Dementia Care - The Society hosts workshops and conferences on Creative Expression, Communication and Dementia. Workshops and conferences are held around the world by Dr. Dalia Gottlieb Tanaka.


Soul Collage - Originated by Seena Frost, SoulCollage® is a process for accessing your intuition and creating an incredible deck of cards with deep personal meaning that will help you with life's questions and transitions.


St. Xavier College in Mumbai, India offers an intensive post-graduate diploma program in expressive arts therapy. 


The Canadian Institute of Art Therapy - Offering 2 year Clinical Art Therapy Certificate as well as Therapeutic Art Courses (comprehensive and in depth art therapy programs to a diverse group of post graduate students coming from an array of nationalities, education and life experience.)


The Create Institute - (Toronto, Canada) This program is designed to immerse students in an intensive, arts-based educational process that is beneficial for professional development as expressive arts therapists, as well as for personal and creative growth.


The Creative Center Training Institute has been training artists and administrators from across the US since 2002 using the unique training program featured in their book, Artists in Residence: The Creative Center's Approach to Arts in Healthcare.


The Creative Healing Arts - Yvette Lyons, Ph.D. and Carla Bittencourt, M.A. offer a 10 month training program in Expressive Arts Therapy. They have trained, therapists, company leaders and other professionals to use the arts and the creative process to enrich their lives and their careers.


The Institute for Creative Mindfulness - Mindful Ohio/The Institute for Creative Mindfulness & the program Dancing Mindfulness offers a comprehensive Certificate of Expressive Arts Therapy training program. Successful completion of this program can be used to fulfill educational requirements for IEATA credentialing as a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT) and may also be applicable towards the Registered Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator (REACE).


TimeSlips - Offers online certification in creative storytelling technique that teaches the meaning and value of creative engagement, an introduction to dementia and person-centered care, improvisational storytelling in detail, and models for storytelling projects.


Transformative Arts Certificate Program - The Awakening Arts Academy has developed simple, yet profound methods for awakening and uplifting consciousness through Creative Process.


Trauma Informed Practice - Offering Expressive Arts Therapy courses with an emphasis on Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy approaches (mind-body, somatic, and positive psychology arts-based theory and practice) - courses taken in Expressive Arts Therapy can be applied toward meeting the IEATA's requirements. (Online)


UCL Arts and Healing - Their mission is to transform lives through creative expression by integrating the innate benefits of the arts with mental health practices for self-discovery, connection, and empowerment.


Wheat Institute - WHEAT Institute provides holistic diploma and certificate programs in expressive arts and art therapy. Through WHEAT's programs, students learn how the universal language of art allows healing, growth and justice to emerge from even the smallest brushstrokes, movements and words.


Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program - If you are you are a spiritually and psychologically inspired coach, trainer, counselor, artist or healer, if you are passionate about art and creativity this program can help you develop your own expressive arts workshops . 


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