Painted Guru Summit


This 30 minute interview tells the story of how I went from a gallery artist in my twenties, into a healing journey through spontaneous art in my 30's and into supporting and facilitating other people's emotional healing through spontaneous art making.


It is a fun interview. I so enjoyed talking with artist Bebe Butler - a great spontaneous conversation! 



You can download the interview here:

Shelley Klammer (1).mp3
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Holistic Creative Chat 



This Skype interview with artist and amazingly deep soul Hali Karla was a delight for me - even as my Skype froze hilariously at certain points.


I love Hali's depth of inquiry and refection in the interview process which was no doubt deepened in her former career as hospice nurse. Hali walks with such tender connection to creativity, healing, and the transparency of suffering. We talk together about creative practice, creative community, and knowing how to pace ourselves in the spontaneous creative/emotional process.

Interview with Psych Central

Margarita Tartakovsky, when years ago she wrote an article called Five Quick Facts on Art Therapy. At the bottom of the article was a link to a list on my blog called Top 50 Art Therapy Blogs.


When Margarita contacted me last month with a list of questions about art therapy and anxiety, I greatly enjoyed our exchange. You can read our Q&A on Anxiety and Art Therapy - here.

Women in Trade Magazine

Janet Kirlew - the editor of this digital magazine from the UK is a creative force - documenting the lives of strong women in trade and business. This article that I wrote for her is about finding success through intuition.

The Power of Hidden Emotions Summit

A fun conversation with Stacy Hoffman-Farmer about healing emotional repression with Collage Therapy.