Expressive Writing

Joy of Writing Your True Story

My Inner Writer Speaks

In preparing for my chat for writer Dawn Montefusco's interview show called "Write Your True Story," I had a surprising encounter with my inner writer that brought tears to my eyes. The night before our interview, just as I was about to fall asleep, the writer part of myself spoke up and said, "I want to share how passionate I am about writing!" This utterly surprised me.

My inner writer kept me awake writing down her story for most of the night. When my notes in the night were finished, I realized that my writer-self has her own unique history of evolvement and her own path of giving. I was in awe of how much my writer-self wants to serve "the art of emotional healing" in the world.

My writer-self is insistently intuitive, joyful, endlessly passionate, and incredibly determined. It was quite gorgeous for me to recognize how purely selfless my writer-self is in her desire to serve. I was sincerely moved by her goodness and beauty.

During my midnight encounter, my human-self met the passionate essence of my writing soul much more intimately than ever before. And now, I feel so much more at peace about my intense need to write!

Please join Dawn and me in our passionate conversation about writing HERE.