I guide a free support group for the encouragement and cross-pollination of peers from all stages of practice in expressive arts facilitation.


As the administrator, I have designed this group to be a place of trust where expressive arts facilitators of all walks can safely inquire about expressive arts facilitation practices.


Facebook Support Group Guidelines

The purpose of this group is to encourage confidence in expressive arts facilitation practices. All posts that are in alignment with this core purpose are welcome.  Join HERE!

Resources for Arts Facilitators

Expressive Arts Facilitator Certificate Programs - A growing list of certificate programs for expressive arts facilitators.


Expressive Arts Facilitators - An ever-growing list of arts facilitator links from around the world.


Expressive Arts Facilitation Books - Resources for Arts Facilitators


Nurturing Spontaneity in Children - is a beautiful film on how to support children to create authentic art by intuitive art teacher Michele Cassou.


Art Projects for Children and Teens provides links to hundreds of different art project ideas.


Art Activities for Children Who Witness Abuse - PDF download is HERE.


Art Therapy for Traumatized Teens - PDF download is HERE.


Spontaneous Art Therapy Activities for Teens offers ideas on how to engage skeptical and resistant youth in the art-making process.


100 Art Therapy Exercises offers links for art therapy directives for adults, children and teens.


Expressive Art Techniques for Facilitators offers over 100 ideas for art directives.


Art Therapy Ideas provides over 100 one-to-one and group art facilitation ideas


Expressive Arts Directives - A compilation of links to expressive arts directives on the web as shared on the Expressive Arts Facilitation group on FB 


Free Guided Journey Through all My Hidden Resources