Healing Trauma With Intuitive Art

Trauma Healing - 2

"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way."

~ Edward de Bono

Are You Feeling Stuck in a Trauma Loop?

Are you feeling stuck in repeating trauma patterns from the past that you cannot seem to think or feel your way out of?

The good news is that your deeper creative unconscious mind wants to give you messages for healing. You just need to learn how to access it.

Pain Pattern Interruption

I love intuitive art as a "pattern interruption" process because trauma loops are so pervasively repetitive. So, a few years ago, I created a very simple course on trauma healing for the emotionally overwhelmed. It is a collection of 30 different expressive arts directives that can easily be done in under 15 minutes a day. 

A trauma loop is a brain and body state that has created a pain repeating pathway in your nervous system. As you repeat similar ways of closing down your body, heart and mind  in fear - over time it gets stuck in a difficult to change trauma loop.

Instead of further embedding a trauma loop in your body, mind and heart, you can find ways to invite the truth of your intuition to interrupt repetitive patterns of pain.

The emotional healing process, in my experience, occurs through pain pattern interruption because all healing occurs in the present moment, and healing insights can be accessed through your intuition.

Trauma Healing - 4

A Simple Course for the Emotionally Overwhelmed

This course is suitable for those of us struggling with stuck imprints of event trauma, developmental (attachment) trauma, and inherited trauma. If you are in the process of healing recent, acute or complex trauma, I encourage you to seek support from a trauma-informed therapist. 

Because trauma can become frozen in the body, in this course, you will be encouraged to get in the flow of your body's wisdom through daily spontaneous creative exercises that are simple to execute, and do not require artistic talent or skill.

As you meditate upon your intuitive drawings, paintings, collages and poetry, your higher wisdom can give you the messages that you uniquely need to release, resolve and heal stuck pain patterns from the past.


A Year of Expressive Art and Writing

This course is now part of my year-long expressive art and writing course.