Expressive Arts Facilitators


Sharing a wide variety of approaches to facilitating the expressive arts via via "Monday Shares" on the Expressive Arts Facilitation group on FB. If you would like to be featured please write me at:


Here is the ever-growing list!


Singer, artist, writer, actress and speaker Amy Oestreicher speaks about finding self-expression in the midst of medical and emotional hardship. Her Tedx Talk shares picking up a paintbrush for the first time.


Explore Ahava Shira's facilitation work. As a poet, writer, dancer, storyteller and performing artist, Ahava mentors women to develop the confidence, courage and freedom to express their creativity and share it in the world. 


Azizi Marshall is the founder of the Center for Creative Arts Therapy, a family arts-based psychotherapy practice and training center. Azizi has a special interest and knowledge in counseling teens and young women through life changes.


Bernadette Darnell supports women in middle age to discover their unique from of creativity by hosting workshops in the UK and one-to-one creative retreats in Greece. In her radio interview she shares very succinctly how she uncovered her unique path. 


Sharing the work of expressive art facilitator Chris Zydel from Creative Juice Arts. Her muses are "love, mystery and magic. Color and music. Paint. Luminous language and wild, wiggly words!" 


Artist and facilitator Dana Lynne Andersen of Awakening Arts Academy shares her live painting process in this video. I love how Dana Lynn so eloquently speaks about the fountain of divine creativity within.


Check out Dara Dines' website. Visit her intriguing workshops. I am drawn to her mandala spirit dolls! 


Dr. Dalia Gottlieb Tanaka created the Society for the Arts in Dementia Care and has been recognized internationally for her work in the field. Her Facebook Page is full of art facilitation ideas, research and great articles for arts facilitators. 


Check out Katie Hagen's great expressive work with teens in her website gallery! Check out her graffiti wall initiative! 


Dorothy Holstrom Weiss is an Expressive Arts Practitioner and Complementary Color Therapy practitioner. Learning to work with the healing vibration of color became a large part of her personal transformation and subsequent certification in color therapy.


Featuring the Expressive Arts Florida Institute and I see a lovely looking book offered on their main page called, "Ten Steps to a Personal Expressive Arts Practice." 


Life alignment coach Geneva Montine leads intuitive art workshops in the US and intuitive painting and yoga retreats in Tuscany. Check out her Body Prismatic Portraits workshop! 


Heather May Young leads intuitive painting, kid's craft, women's and heart-based singing groups. Heather has a masters degree in Consciousness Studies and is a Registered Yoga Therapist.


Honorata Chorąży-Przybysz explores "Subconscious Collage" and is an expressive art journal teacher on You Tube, and on the mixed media online program 21 Secrets. Her expressive art tutorials are free HERE.


Visit Laura Bohn's blog. So enjoying the descriptions of her transformative collage work. As artists we are needing to move into our archetypal selves during these times of social tumult and change. 


Meaghan Carriere is a counsellor, studio artist and potter. She works creatively with children and teens using spontaneous expression through writing, drawing, painting, clay work, talking, singing and acting.


Check out Melissa D'Antoni's Fire Tree Studios. She offers a unique approach to intuitive painting and she also coaches expressive arts facilitators to earn money in their work. 


Visit expressive arts workshops, dancing and mindfulness in Puerto Rico with Lise Escobar Gelinek. 


Artist Lora Frost loves to teach and inspire others to find their own creative path. She is inspired by nature the majority of her work is filled with organic shapes and movement.


Lynn Hanford-Day is UK Intuitive Artist, Strength Coach and Integrative Therapist. A creator of Mandalas, Buddhas and Dreamcatchers in the UK, she offers monthly women's groups, expressive and intuitive arts classes, weekends and retreats.


Enjoy art therapist Petrea Hansen-Adamidis' beautiful blog. Lots of ideas for creative self-care! 


Explore the profound "Conscious Voicework" of Laura Geiger. Using the voice as an avenue to access and express all the parts of self without apology and without embarrassment. 


Expressive Arts Coach and Workshop Facilitator Michele King is called to creative service in the form of creativity parties and retreats in her small community. 


Karen Perrell Campbell is a creative depth coach, educator, artist, and intuitive healer. I am drawn to her luminous mandalas. She offers contemplative photography and soul collage classes as well. 


Business coach and artist Kaira Shelton Boston helps ambitious, creative women who have a mission… but they’re stuck in actually making it happen! She can help you create a plan and follow through on it!


Healing through Sound and Art with Marcela Soledad - In her early 40's she was diagnosed with an aggressive chronic illness and took out a sketch pad and started to draw again. Art not only offered relief from the pain and discomfort for long stretches, but it also transported her into her imagination where she felt no pain. 


Marni Rosen Saltzman is the practice manager for the Institute for Therapy through the Arts in Evanston, IL. Offering four creative arts treatment modalities – Music Therapy, Drama Therapy, Art Therapy, and Dance/Movement Therapy, the institute sees individual and group clients, and also engages in training and advocacy. 


Check out Paddi McGrath's blog and peruse photos of her workshops - affirmative art journaling and printmaking. I am drawn to the art journals made from envelopes.


Meet Jennifer MacIsaac, co-owner and manager of the Basement Community Art Studio. Classes for young children focus on sensory exploration and creative play. Classes for older children combine skill building, creative play, and self expression. 


Creative arts facilitator Meg Neufeld offers open studio sessions in her therapy clinic. What a great way to foster community and creative caring!


Loving the rich toned art journal pages from Mindful Art Studio in Israel from Michaela Mende Janco's FB page.


Michelle Spaulding created the Crafty Diva Cottage after experiencing the "The 4 D's: Divorce, Death, Debt and Disability. She offers Expressive Arts Workshops, Dream Coaching, Intuitive Collage Journaling, Storytelling and Fiber Arts.


Joan Stanford  is a board-certified art therapist who has been facilitating creativity groups for over twenty years encouraging people of all ages, especially non-artists, to expand their awareness through playing with art materials. Her book "The Art of Play" details her personal journey through the art therapy process.


Samantha Jenkins assists women to better know, express, and flourish as their true Selves. In her mid twenties, she worked as an occupational therapist with people who were ill, ageing, disabled, and dying. Realizing that life IS a gift, she craved more than her humdrum, nine-to-five existence. She then wrote a book and created the Soul Studio! 


Sarah Patterson is mobile expressive arts facilitator that brings a prepared environment to people so that they can creatively tell their own story through collage! This idea popped into my mind ten years ago and I never did follow though. So happy to see it made manifest by Sarah! 


Sheri Gaynor's work draws upon the power of traditional psychotherapy, expressive and somatic Arts, earth-based wisdom, and equine facilitated learning. AND, I just received her magical book "Creative Awakenings" in the mail.


Sharing Susie Miller's wonderful expressive art journals. Love all of the honest words on the pages!  I featured Susie Stonefield Miller when our group was just beginning, but I just have to share her work again. Look at her wonderful art journaling studio! All art supplies are included in her session fees!


Check out Topaz Weis's wonderful photo page on her website. The expressive arts in action!