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Wind Spirit by Dara Dines
Wind Spirit by Dara Dines


I just love Dara's warm, inviting spirit-doll making teachings. Enjoy learning about her creative process below!


1. If you could sum up your current creative process in one sentence what would it be?


Whether I’m designing an expressive arts community project, workshops or exploring through my personal practices and art-making, my creative process incorporates lots of ‘tuning-in’ exercises, is infused with nature and blends a variety of art modalities like journaling, collage, sculpting and movement. 


2. How is your creative process presently supporting you grow, change and transform?


My creative process supports me by slowing me down, and keeping me present. The more I’m able to do that, the more present I am when I’m designing and facilitating expressive arts workshops.  They have to come from a real place to hold my interest and be successful.


Water Spirit by Dara Dines
Water Spirit by Dara Dines


In my mind, I can only achieve this by spending time  in the studio. The more I experiment with different art forms in my own art-making, the more flexible and curious I feel and better able to translate this to my workshops.


My imagination is kept alive through my personal practices as I’m continuously inspired by the creative process itself rather than mastering one modality.


3. What are the main themes you are exploring in your creative process at the moment? 


Some definite themes that are still coming up for me are exploring the Elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Just when I think I’m uncovering something else, I’ll notice, ahhhh that’s “Air” or “Earth”! Certain colours come up for me too, especially at different times of the year.  Bright yellow is really present in my creative process at the moment and is slowly shifting into some oranges.


4. What are you currently discovering inside of your creative process that might serve as an inspiration for other people's creativity? 


Currently I’m discovering more deeply through my creative process the value and insight of shifting from one art modality to another. It still works so well for me and I would invite people to try it in their own practice, if they haven’t already. 


Earth Spirit by Dara Dines
Earth Spirit by Dara Dines

We often do it without noticing, for example, we might do some writing, make a salad and then dive into creating a collage...what I’m suggesting is to shine a little spotlight on the ‘shift’ itself. Take notice how the writing, and salad-making influenced your piece or not...just noticing and being curious about your whole creative process. 


5. How can we learn more about your creative work in process? Please share and describe your website, blog, Youtube channel, book, FB Page etc. 


My website is really about going to the heart of your art-making...and being present during your creative process. It’s a place to experiment with different art forms and get inspired by creative guests who are also exploring different possibilities.


My hope is that I’m creating a welcoming community for creatives wanting to enjoy and celebrate the process itself. Please come and visit anytime.There are areas on the site just to play! 


Fire Spirit by Dara Dines
Fire Spirit by Dara Dines


 Website: www.daradines.com


I have a little art spot on Facebook where I share art that inspires experimenting:


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In my blog, The Art of Noticing, I explore the creative process:


The Art of Noticing

The Art of Noticing ~ Mandala Spirit Dolls & Spirit Doll Circles

About Dara



I am fascinated by the precious shifts that occur during the creative process. I love witnessing discoveries, mysteries, and the deep callings of our heart that are revealed when we allow ourselves to adventure into art.


Expression. The relationship between art and nature. The connections and wisdom that are revealed through being, creating and moving in this world.