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Drawing by Marion Gibbon
Drawing by Marion Gibbon


My current creative process involves me undertaking work that enables me to get in touch with my intuition in order to better understand my soul purpose and share more of who I am with others.


My creative process enables me to set an intention and then through my creativity to explore more of what this means and how I want to represent it. I can then look at it and see what it is telling me so I can listen more closely to my intuition and allow myself to be more clearly seen and heard.


This enables me to explore inner thoughts and feelings in order for me to grow, change and transform. I find that using a visual process is extremely powerful and often tells you more than words can. It is like the adage, “A picture tells a 1000 words”.


The main themes that I am currently exploring are intuition, clarity and purpose.

I am currently doing a 30 day journalling challenge and when I shared about my visual journalling I was asked for more details and resources so I know there are others who are interested in creative processes and how you can undertake them.


Drawing by Marion Gibbon
Drawing by Marion Gibbon

Blog Post - Acting from Stillness

In these turbulent times, we desire connection and long for peace. Everyday we hear about events that shake us, sadden us and make us realize the extent of disconnection and fear and yet what is important is understanding the sanctity of life and how each of us is a sacred being.


In the busyness we forget to care and often take little time to find time to think and reflect. I find for me to feel and sense the still point I like to take a walk in beautiful surroundings, listen to music and then express myself through movement; that is what helps me to unwind and find the caring part of myself. In this state of grace we can feel connection and the expansiveness. The peace we seek is found in experiencing ourselves as part of something larger. In such quiet places I find it easier to listen to the subtle guidance.


Each of us as a direct relationship to the earth and we are all part of the whole, – the web of life and therefore we all have our own role to play. I want to be able to offer the gifts that I have in the way that only I can do. As we all have gifts and we just have to find them, trust them and give then so that we can fully participate in life. We can’t always know what our own contribution is to be or the part that we play in making the future – but what is important is the making of offerings in order to feed the spirit.   Read More...

About Marion


My career has been pretty diverse and has included being a teacher, working as an academic and time as a Consultant in Public Health. I have lived in Kenya, Sri Lanka and Nepal. I am now living in the south of France.


I am also an artist and like to paint on silk and this has led to the name of my blog; as it means Marion’s Silk Workshop.


I have lots of inspiration all around me. I love to go for walks and often take my camera with me. You will find lots of my photographs of things that have touched me and that lead to some of my paintings. I also love to write and sometimes a painting inspires some words.


I have a blog at: in which I share my reflections and some of my creative work. 

Silk painting by Marion Gibbon
Silk painting by Marion Gibbon